Cryptocurrency and the Super Bowl

Cryptocurrency and the Super

The world of sports is rapidly integrating cryptocurrency – basketball, soccer, cybersports, and now the legendary Super Bowl. Recent events are related to the Super Bowl game, where cryptocurrency has attracted a lot of attention and played no small role. Thus, the Super Bowl game, which took place in February 2022, provided some interesting cryptocurrency ads. Let’s discuss some of them.

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Miami Heat basketball star Jimmy Butler posted a video on his Twitter account announcing an ad for the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, at the Super Bowl 2022. According to research firm Bloomberg, the CEO of Binance is one of the wealthiest cryptocurrency billionaires, so it’s not surprising that the company can afford such large spending on advertising, converting coins on


Coinbase (one of the main competitors of Binance) also decided to take advantage of this unique opportunity and run ads on Super Bowl 2022. The company’s marketers came up with an interesting move. The stock exchange advertisement was stylized as the logo of DVD bouncing from corner to corner, only on the screen instead of DVD was the letter “C” (first letter of Coinbase). People around the world know how you can lose a few minutes just watching the logo move across the screen, waiting for the exact corner to be hit. Then the letter “C” turned into a QR code, which moved viewers to the main page of the exchange, where the company gave Bitcoin (BTC) for registration until February 15. 


Another popular exchange, FTX also bought ad space in the Super Bowl.
The commercial calls people to not miss out on the next big thing. The main character there is the famous comedian Larry David. According to the script, he mocks various historically significant inventions and dismisses them, including the idea of using FTX to enter cryptocurrency. The commercial compares cryptocurrency to inventions such as the wheel, the light bulb, etc., alluding to their undeniable need for humanity.

Analysts have differing views on this development. Part of the professional community argues about whether the Super Bowl ad is worth its price. Another part is sure that the Super Bowl is one of the best means to build consumer confidence in cryptocurrency. But the fact is that cryptocurrency continues to explore new frontiers and conquer new heights


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