Cube World to Finally Come Out: After being Disappeared For Six Years,


According to the developer, he said today that the exploration game will be soon released during this month or next.

The developer Wolfram von Funck wrote on Twitter that the Cube World would be released on Steam by this afternoon which would be linking to the game’s new Steam page. He also says that it would be executed hopefully by around the end of September/October 2019.

Cube World which is a voxel-based action-adventure game that has been inspired by Zelda and Minecraft, has created a great deal of hype since it was first announced in June 2011 by the company.

An alpha that is playable was released in 2013 for those who deposited for the early access into the game, and it was genuinely good. Since that time, von Funck has been majorly silent, only appearing every few years to vaguely certify fans that the game wasn’t dead.

Cube World to Finally Come Out: After being Disappeared For Six Years,

Last weekend, he also posted a few minutes of new gameplay footage. And now, after so many years of sporadic updates and silence, Cube World is finally emerging. Von Funck added in the affirmation that the owners of the alpha will get Steam keys.

He says that the final game is essentially Cube World 2.0, so they will have to see how this differentiates from the alpha all along those years. A page for the game has gone online on Steam that nicely describes the game in huge detail, including bringing out its four central classes, Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Rogue.

The point of the game is a step-by-step procedurally generated world that can be played essentially unknown number of times, and if it can fulfill that vision completely, well, we could have a hit on our hands that would last as long as it took to get it to arrive in the first place. Considering the fanbase that the alpha alone built, the final version should increase that tenfold if it can deliver.

We are sorry to hear about von Funck’s problems and struggles, and we hope that there would be no further issues that would impact the final release of the game. But we have to admit that we will be a little surprised if there would not be at least a delay of another day or two.


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