Custom Jewelry Ideas to Celebrate Any Occasion


A necklace that reminds you of your beloved. A bracelet that clinks when you move and helps you remember what you hold dear. A ring that swiftly transports you to the exact moment you became a mother… jewelry that is made to order helps you keep a little reminder of momentous occasions or loved ones. Buying custom jewelry online has become easier with many websites offering this service. 

Creating custom jewelry is a way of infusing personality, sentiment and individuality into the piece. You could customize an heirloom to make it contemporary and wearable. You could also choose to have a piece made from scratch by an expert craftsman. Whatever your choice, and whether it is for you or your special someone, there are a variety of options available for every taste and budget. Any jeweler who specifically works on customization will easily let you order the design of your dreams. We recommend Angara as the site offers plenty of different ways to customize its existing designs. Additionally, on reaching out their team, you can even get a design that’s not available on their website.


Rings have been customized since ancient times, when signet rings used to mean that a person is of a certain family and of a certain class. These rings were passed down the family line and were family heirlooms. Sometimes, these rings were engraved with the family crest and used as a stamp for important documents and letters. In modern times, we have all seen one too many movie scenarios where the man dashes off to fetch his mother’s ring to propose to the girl of his dreams. Precious stones from family heirlooms are integrated into jewels fit for present-day wear (a certain royal family comes to mind here). Here are some custom ring ideas that might just make the perfect gift.

1. Hidden Message Rings

A great way to wear something that reminds you of your significant other. You can get secret messages engraved on your ring! Names, lines from literature or even symbols can be inscribed on the band.


2. Birthstone Rings

If you are into gemstones, a fun way to include them in your jewelry is to embellish your pieces with your birthstone. Wear your birthstone alone or design a Toi Et Moi ring with your partner’s and your birthstones.

3. Fingerprint Rings

Another unique way of being connected with your partner is to wear a ring with their fingerprints etched on them.


Remember those period dramas on television in which a lady would carry a miniature painting of her beloved in a locket around her neck? Well, turns out necklaces were being customized even back then! Gifting or being given a necklace that is personal to you is one of the most meaningful things ever. There is no better way of making someone feel special than by gifting them a piece of jewelry that holds meaning to the two of you. Your parents, partner, BFF or sister, make them feel truly special with one of these custom necklace ideas. 

1. Name Necklaces

Carrie Bradshaw deserves all the credit for having made this particular style of necklace popular. A bar with a loved one’s name, name plates with dates or even engraved letters on a necklace, all make precious keepsakes.

2. Zodiac Necklaces

Another sweet way of honoring the loved ones in your life is to wear their zodiac symbols on a necklace. They can be sculptural, in the shape of the zodiac sign or they could have a pendant adorned with their birthstone or even a disc engraved with their sign.

3. Two Halves of a Whole

Do you have a sister or partner and best friend, all rolled into one, and you could not imagine your life without that person? What better way to celebrate the bond than by each having one half of a pendant which when placed together forms a whole? Just like the two of you!

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As the role jewelry plays in our lives slowly evolves, so does the way we choose to obtain it. Gone are the days when you surveyed stores for designs that connected with you. This was always a tall order because the designer was someone else, and what held meaning and beauty to him, might not necessarily resonate with you. That is when trends started changing. The purchaser also became the designer. This was when customized jewelry really took off. You can now create sentimental jewelry pieces that will become keepsakes and heirlooms by personalizing them the way you want. Bracelets have always been the choice of jewelry for the young urban, and they offer a host of options in which you can customize them.

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1. Birthstone Tennis Bracelet

A traditional tennis bracelet design dressed with your loved one’s birthstone will make a stunning gift for just about any occasion.

2. Slider Bracelet or Bangle

These bracelets or bangles have a channel running along the length of the bangle and you can have tiny letters fitted into the channel to spell your loved ones’ names. Or you could even add the birthstones of the members of your family as a fun twist to the piece!

3. Charm Bracelets

The charm of these bracelets only increases with time! Add a charm to your bracelet for every milestone in your life and you have a jewelry equivalent of an album full of memories on your wrist! 


Few pieces of jewelry are as fun as earrings. An instant way to switch up any look, you can go as bold or as subtle as you like with earrings. Want to revive an old pair and turn it into a contemporary duo? Or do you want that perfect pair that will match your outfit for a special occasion? Customization is the way to go! Whatever your choice or design preferences, these earring design ideas are sure to impress you.

1. Hoop Earrings

They are called statement pieces for a reason. Whether your style is more earlobe-hugging hoops or big and bold hoops, you can always customize it with a personal message!

2. Thread and Needle Earrings

This is a quirky design for an earring and perfect for those who want something different. Such earrings come with a long chain that has a fine ‘needle’ at one end and a dangler at the other. Make the dangler your birthstone or your BFF’s favorite gemstone, and you have a pair of customized earrings that is all things fun!

3. Letter Earrings

Another fun way to include your loved ones in an earring design is to wear lettered earrings, one initial dangler for each member of your family!


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