Cyber Security in 2023: How to Protect Your Business


More and more, the modern world is reliant on the digital space to function smoothly. However, with this reliance, comes an increase in cybercrime. For businesses to thrive in 2023, they must have an excellent cybersecurity plan. Here’s how to best protect your business from cybercrime in 2023.

Begin By Auditing Your Cyber Security

It may seem obvious, but the best way to improve your cyber security is to begin by taking stock of where your business is currently at.

With cybercrime increasing by 1517% over the last 20 years, your business needs to have a robust cyber security plan. This review can either be done internally or externally, but if in doubt, it’s best to contract a third party that knows what they are doing. As part of this audit, they will review current processes, documents, network, and system security, operational and data security, as well as the security plans across multiple other areas of the business depending on the industry.

The latest software and tools can be used to test the robustness of all these facets of your existing cyber security, to identify weaknesses. Off the back of this, your business can make a plan around what needs to improve to be safer.

Train Employees on Cyber Security Best Practices

The most common way that cyber attacks occur on businesses is through a malicious link sent by email. Such links are known as phishing attacks, and they are designed to steal data from or gain access to a business.

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Phishing links are only harmful to your business if they are clicked, however. As a result, comprehensive training for your employees on how to identify and respond to potential phishing links is an effective way to mitigate their damage. Again, employing the services of an external party to execute certified training for your staff in this area is often a wise move, as it will ensure your employees receive the latest information on what to look for in this area.

A good cyber security training firm will be able to create a training plan for your business that identifies your priorities and tailors the content to the unique needs of your employees and industry.

Ensure Secure Access to Company Devices 

With a strong cyber security plan and an understanding of how to respond to phishing links, the next critical step is to ensure that company devices are only being accessed by the right people.

There are two straightforward ways to make sure that your digital access is secure. Firstly, establish initial protection by means of a good password. This can be done by using a password generator, that will help create randomized passwords for you to use. It is essential because when it is in place and the password has been correctly designed, it should be difficult for access to be breached. However, under certain circumstances, this is still possible, so it’s essential to have two-factor authentication set up as well. This requires a second device to receive a prompt or code in order for access to be permitted, making it much more difficult for malicious parties to gain access through hacking, or by chance.

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