Daniel Radcliffe Doesn’t Wants To Play ‘Hart Potter’ Anytime In His Life Again!

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe Doesn’t Wants To Play ‘Hart Potter’ Anytime In His Life Again!

There is no doubt that Harry Potter has been one of the most famous characters in Daniel Radcliffe’s career.

After saying goodbye to the role in 2011 and with new cinematic adventures of the magical world (the two types of Fantastic Animals ) it is inevitable not to question him about a possible return. The actor has talked with Variation and has already taken a stand on it.

As part of the premiere of his new film Escape from Pretoria, the English historian confessed that he had no interest in returning to the magical world of Fantastic Beasts because he wants to continue giving flexibility to his career.

However, he also used the old saying: “Never say never.”After having given life to eight deliveries to “The Boy Who Survived,” Daniel Radcliffe’s career goes away from high-budget productions and has chosen to take refuge in independent cinema.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe Doesn’t Want To Play ‘Hart Potter’ Anytime In His Life Again!

From 2012 to date we have seen it in different roles both in film and on television. Perhaps the most prominent correspond to his participation in The Lady in Black (2012), Horns (2013), Swiss Army Man (2016), Now You See Me 2 (2016) and The Jungle (2017).

At the moment, probably the 30-year-old actor is in the same line as his then co-star: Robert Pattinson, who after separating from the Harry Potter and Twilight saga was involved in more sober roles. Although, now he plays the important role of Batman.

Currently, Daniel Radcliffe is starring in Escape From Pretoria. The plot follows Tim Jenkin, an incarcerated man who will seek his liberty at all costs after being accused of carrying out secret operations against South African Apartheid. The film still has no release date in Mexico.

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Meanwhile, the Fantastic Animals saga has had some setbacks, as the third party script is being rewritten. But the latest information tells us that the story will take place in Brazil. Fantastic Animals 3 is expected to premiere on November 12, 2021.


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