Darksiders Genesis Announced to be Released in December for PC and Stadia


Darksiders Genesis could be a top-down action role-playing game strive against the franchise. The other Dark siders games have taken inspiration from The Legend of Zelda series, however, Genesis is nearer to one thing like Diablo III.

The title is returning to consoles PlayStation four, Xbox One, and start the day. THQ Nordic proclaimed plans earlier within the year for the sport to come back to all or any platforms by the tip of 2019, however, the console releases square measure planning to take a couple of extra months.

The Darksiders games have you ever dominant the evil of the Apocalypse. The first entry within the series, 2010’s Dark siders, had you controlling War.

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Darksiders Genesis Announced to be Released in December for PC and Stadia

2012’s Darksiders II place Death within the prima role, whereas 2018’s Darksiders III place players au fait of Fury. War returns in Genesis, however, Strife additionally debuts as a playable character for the primary time within the franchise.

Darksiders Genesis introduces the USA to the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, the gun-toting Strife.

Instead of continued the narrative from the 3 Darksiders games we tend to have already got, Darksiders Genesis could be a prequel that, for the first time in series history, features co-op play.

That, amazingly enough, isn’t the most important departure from franchise norms that Darksiders Genesis should provide.

Genesis ditches the over-the-shoulder camera and instead provides the USA with a top-down perspective, like action RPGs like Diablo or visible radiation.

If the Darksiders series was feeling a bit stale when ten years and 3 games, Genesis may actually provide a recent take.

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In any case, Strife won’t be alone on his journey, as he’ll be joined by War, the Horseman who was the focus of the first game in the series.

We’ll determine in time if Darksiders Genesis is any smart, but in the meantime, you can check out the new cinematic trailer THQ Nordic published today to go along with this release date announcement.

Darksiders Genesis will be one of the primary major games to debut on Google Stadia. The cloud gaming platform launches on November 19.


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