Darkstalkers 4 and Dino Crisis 4 Confirms and planning to “revive dormant IPs”


Just go ahead and make our wildest dreams come true, Capcom.

Like all companies, Capcom doesn’t just want to achieve success–they want to maintain it. Elsewhere, Capcom turned its attention to recent offerings such as Devil May Cry 5 and Resident Evil 2 Remake, which were a huge global success.

That said, I will not get my hopes up. I refuse to have my heartbroken.

Furthermore, those characters–Guy, Cody, Haggar, Poison–really seem to resonate with people. We will see a new beat them up sooner or later.

Darkstalkers 4 and Dino Crisis 4 Confirms and planning to “revive dormant IPs”
Darkstalkers 4 and Dino Crisis 4 Confirms and planning to “revive dormant IPs”

The long-shots, to me, are Ōkami 2, Viewtiful Joe 3, and a new Rival Schools game. Clover Studio developed both Ōkami and the Viewtiful Joe games, was dissolved by Capcom, and the team moved on to form Platinum Games.

I’m not sure if it has the kind of cultural cachet that would warrant the development of a new game.

The Dino Crisis franchise launched 20 years ago for the PSOne and was created by Resident Evil maestro Shinji Mikami.

In fact, it plays a lot like Resi, only you’re capping dinos instead of zombies and exploring 3D environments rather than the usual pre-rendered backdrops.

Dino Crisis 2 followed in 2000 and embraced Resi’s static environments, but flipped the gameplay in favor of more action-oriented antics instead of the survival horror trappings of its predecessor. Both games were bloody great, mind, and deserved a proper follow-up. It didn’t happen.

Instead, Capcom churned out Dino Crisis 3 for the Xbox in 2003, which had nothing to do with the previous games and for some reason took the franchise hundreds of years into the future onboard a spacecraft.

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Unsurprisingly, Dino Crisis 3 was mauled by critics and pretty much killed the series stone dead, save for a rail shooter spin-off in the shape of Dino Stalker.

Here’s hoping Capcom is listening to its fans and give the franchise another shot, eh?


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