Dating App News: Metaverse, Video Chats, and Digital Currency

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The internet is constantly changing and developing, and some news from the internet space is sometimes perceived as science fiction. Besides, an unexpected fact for many was the fact that it is dating app services that are the pioneers of breakthrough trends today.

How is the industry of online dating changing today? Why do video chats, apps, and sites for dating Russian brides like turn out to be leaders in the speed of introducing new functionality? And how much will the online dating industry change shortly? This is what we want to discuss.

Tinder Dating App Launches Its Own Metaverse with an Internal Virtual Currency

Rumors that Tinder plans to launch its own metaverse began to appear in early 2021. And the further, the more information came to us. Now, we already know a lot about the future metaverse:

  • Its official name is Tinderverse;
  • It will be possible to enter the metaverse using virtual or augmented reality;
  • In Tinderverse, users will not only be able to get acquainted and chat but also go to virtual concerts, walk along digital streets and parks, hold work meetings, and much more.

Dating App

Here it is crucial to understand the following: if Tinderverse will be implemented, we will surely see a real explosion in the popularity of the metaverses. Match Group Corporation, which owns Tinder, will 100% create new metaverses for its other services. And third-party companies will follow suit.

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We dare to assume that such a classic format as video chat will also undergo a lot of changes and become part of the metaverse. But it’s too early to guess.

Decentraland: A Virtual World Based on the Blockchain

While Mark Zuckerberg, Renate Nyborg, and others are only sharing their plans for creating metaverses, Decentraland developers have already released a finished product — the Decentraland virtual world built on blockchain technology and supporting NFT.

At first glance, Decentraland looks like an online game with cartoony graphics. But in fact, everything is much more fascinating. Here you can already communicate with other users, attend lectures, open your own shops, buy and sell, explore the world, create completely new objects in it, and literally live your life. Looking for a cutting-edge augmented reality app? Check out SuperWorld.

Dating App

The key feature of Decentraland is NFT. Tokens allow you to buy “land” in the virtual space to build anything here — a store, an office, a cinema, an art gallery, and much more.

Decentraland looks like a real breakthrough in the world of metaverses. But this is a very young project at the stage of development. It is hard to even imagine what prospects will open up in it and other metaverses when technology makes another leap forward.

Video Chat: Back in Trend, Even More Than Before

Until the beginning of 2020, the number of users of online video chats grew rather slowly. Surprisingly, the situation has been radically changed by the coronavirus pandemic in the world. Having lost the opportunity to meet and communicate offline, users went to the internet. And given that not everyone likes the format of classic dating sites and dating app, they chose an alternative — video chats. As a result, in just a year, many sites increased their audience by 2-3 times. And this, in turn, allowed platforms to introduce new functions actively and develop along with competitors.

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