David Nehdar – 10 Facts that prove he is the most private person in real

David Nehdar
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Unlike most celebrities in Hollywood blabbering about the good and bad vibes that their marriage and live-in relationship gives them, Lacey Chabert and her husband David Nehdar have never opened about anything among the media. As a consequence, the curiosity about what is going inside their personal married life is increasing among the public by the hour. 

In 2013, Lacey Chabert announced her marriage with David Nehdar out-of-the-blue. Up until then, the name David N. was never heard of. So, what’s so special about him that laced Lacey in to get into a lifetime of love life? Being a “nobody” before marrying Lacey Chabert, the media thought David would have been desperate to hit the spotlight. However, after eight years of marriage, the frustrating part is not very much is known about Lacey Chabert’s mysterious husband. 

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Henceforth, today we have brought you some ten less known facts about Lacey Chabert’s husband, which prove that he is one of the most private persons in Hollywood. All the following facts have been picked based on Lacey Chabert’s Instagram and small talks about her husband in the media. Are you thrilled? If yes! Read ahead. 

#1: David Nehdar said “NO” to show business

From couples like Amber HeardJohnny Depp, Ryan Renolds & Scarlett Johnson and so on, they have moved, loved, married, and divorced each other in the spotlight of the media. Hence, David Nehdar’s zero interest in trying to get hold attention must itch the paparazzi’s brain like crazy. However, to your surprise, according to Lacey Chabert, David was never interested in entering the show business. Indeed, the couple simply tied the knots for life, just for the sake of love, not fame! Isn’t that rare in show business? For the most part, it is one of the reasons why the public starts a guessing game on how long a Hollywood couple will stay together!

#2: He is no longer an “unknown” businessman

In the beginning, David Nehdar’s profession was unknown. No matter how hard the gossip channels try to find out, what does David Nehdar do for a living? They were unwilling to find out. Up until 2019, the mystery continued. The same year, David Nehdar was announced as the upcoming VP (vice president) of the company Petco. It is also his family company. According to the business magazine, he remains responsible for improving the company’s reputation in the international market. 

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Unlike Lacey Chabert in “Mean Girls,” she acquired a “good and rich partner” out of her loving relationship. 

#3: No Social Media presence

In the 21st century, having no presence on social media can simply make a person non-existent. But, thanks to Lacey Chabert, we know that David Nehdar exists and is married to one of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood. The reason being, David is nowhere on social media. If you search for the hashtags David Nehdar on Instagram, you will find only three posts. That, too, a picture of Lacey and babies. Well! People take any hashtag and attach it to the post to get likes. Anyway! You can find only a few pictures of David on Lacey Chabert’s Instagram page. 

Although, it has been a while since she has posted a couple of pictures. Thus, fans are assuming that the couple has separated or filed for divorce. What do you think? 

#4: You can get an accurate picture of David Nehdar online, if you look right

Having a mysterious personality is different. However, having the power to keep away from the cameras of paparazzi in Hollywood is astonishing and unbelievable. But, believe it or not, in seven years of marriage, David Nehdar has accomplished to do so. If you google David Nehdar’s photos on Google, you can only find 2-3 valid photos which are indeed real. Apart from this, all photos are fake. 

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Not only this but none of the photos look like the media have captured them. For example, sometimes David Nehdar appears like Harry Potter using an invisible cloak. He disappears when he sees the camera around. Lol!

#5: The marriage was a private ceremony

When today’s woman gets married, she does not take a nanosecond to post all the pictures online, invite all of her friends from school to college and make a hoot out of her most memorable moment in life. However, things were different for David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert. The couple got together in 2013 and tied knots. Although, up until now, Chabert has not posted a single picture of her with her husband during the wedding. 

Not only this but according to some inside sources, it has been concluded that the wedding wasn’t a big hoot in itself. Only the closest family members and friends had attended it. 

This definitely proves that David Nehdar is undoubtedly a mysterious man for Hollywood. Although, to be honest, this situation is much similar to a Bollywood Celebrity, Rakhi Sawant, who claimed to marry a Canadian man. But, his presence seems non-existent.

#6: Lacey called the wedding “the perfect chaos.”

To begin with, when a luxurious and highest-paid celebrity uses the word “chaos,” believe it – it’s not good. It is a sign that something really, really bad happened. And during an interview, Lost in Space’s face, Lacey Chabert described her wedding as the perfect chaos. In her words, the wedding has gone wrong in every possible way, but it was still perfect.

David neehar
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According to the interview conversion, Lacey and David married after six weeks when David proposed to her during a movie shoot. Within six months, Lacey could afford a small yet perfect wedding. However, her caterers quit to do the job at the end moment, her shoes broke, and the worst-hit her when her sister’s wedding dress didn’t arrive. 

If that bride were Angelina Jolie, she would have broken down like the world from a dark hole. 

#7: David Nehdar is originally from North America

Like Lacey Chabert, her husband, David Nehdar, is also originally from North America. It would rather be easy to assume that they were childhood sweethearts and crossed their way once again in adulthood. As a consequence, they fell in love and got married. 

But that’s not it. Even though the couple have not revealed anything about how they met each other? But, it is clear to the media that David and Lacey had been going out for a long, long time. This is why David was never spotted in public with Lacey during her earlier years in Hollywood. 

Do you think it’s true or not? 

#8: David Nehdar Net Worth Vs. Lacey Chabert Net Worth

In the past few years, David Nehdar has accomplished as a prominent businessman in the industry. Without a doubt, Hollywood pays a lot to elite celebrities like Lacey Chabert. But, is her net worth more or less than her home-stay husband, David? 

David nehdar
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Well! The answer is NO. Having performed so many notable second-priority roles in multiple movies, Lacey Chabert’s current Net Worth has reached $4 million. In comparison, David Nehdar’s thrilling business has accounted for him with a $9 million 2019 estimated net worth. 

Double than his wife!

#9: David is an excellent cook and a great father

In recent years, David Nehdar and their wife, Lacey Chabert, have blessed with a baby daughter. But, according to Lacey’s public interview, she still wants to stay in Hollywood and top her game. This is why David is the one who usually cooks and takes care of their daughter while she’s out for work. 

Although, there are pictures of Lacey and her daughter on Instagram which prove that they both share a loving mother-daughter relationship. Isn’t that fulfilling? 

#10: The media does not believe if David is real

How long can you poke a person to come out and reveal himself? Nowadays, David Nehdar related controversies are going around. According to the public, David is no longer a natural person. Indeed, some people also comment on the subject, saying Lacey had a cover-up constructed to get some TRP. But, for the most part, such comments create well-constructed questions on her daughter and her married life? And most significantly, has she even married? 

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On social media, David Nehdar no picture is a mystery. Indeed, many people believe Warren Charlie to be Lacey’s husband, who is only a shot from the movie. 

In the past few months, some discoverers have also pointed fingers at the fact that David Nehdar is the face of Petco. Because, according to Petco, David, the actual VP of Petco, is not Lacey’s husband. 

The mystery continues…

Bottom line

So, next time, someone points out that Lacey and David are some of the most private couples in Hollywood. Just Nod because there’s no denying it. Lacey Chabert will soon reappear on the screen with astonishing roles in evergreen movies, including nomandland, The Father, Judas and the Black Messiah, One Night in Miami, Promising Young Woman, The Trial of Chicago and so on. 

Let’s just hope David Nehdar appears during one of the movies’ premieres on television. Everyone is eager to know who he is!


1. Who is David Nehdar?
A. David Nehdar is a private individual and is not a public figure. He is the husband of actress Lacey Chabert.

2. How did David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert meet?
A. David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert have managed to keep their relationship private, so the exact details of how they met are not publicly known.

3. What does David Nehdar do for a living?
A. David Nehdar’s occupation is not widely publicized. He prefers to maintain a low profile and keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

4. Does David Nehdar have any social media accounts?
A. David Nehdar does not have any known public social media accounts. He appears to value his privacy and chooses to stay away from the public eye.

5. Are there any public photos of David Nehdar?
A. Due to his private nature, there are limited public photos of David Nehdar available. He rarely accompanies his wife, Lacey Chabert, to public events, and they both prefer to keep their personal lives separate from their public personas.


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