Dead To Me Season 2: What Can Be The Fate Of Judy And Hale In Season 2?


Dead To Me’, created by Liz Feldman and produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, was easily adjourned by the audience as one of the best TV series on Netflix.

The dark comedy series had a stellar cast and the way the season finale ended on a cliffhanger, the fans are left for wanting more. Netflix had already officially announced that the series will return for another season.


Season 2 will focus on the events following the shocking cliffhanger of the Season 1 finale. Her husband’s death has turned Jen’s life upside down.

But learning that the hit and run death of her husband came at the hands of her new best friend made matters, even more, worse and complicated.

Jen shot Steve, who was involved in illegal business dealings, dead and as he is lying dead in the pool, she turns to Judy for help.

Will the duo cover-up Steve’s death or will they come clean? Jen seemed to be done with Judy in her life but will the latest incident trigger a change in her heart? Their friendship is dysfunctional but all the secrets and lies have interwoven both of their lives together.

‘Dead To Me’ season 2 will bring the next chapter of their complicated journey as they try to stay afloat without bringing too much attention to their wrongdoings. Providing a stable life for her children is Jen’s priority but the anguish after killing Steve will undoubtedly throw her off course.

She may need Judy by her side more than ever to get through this latest traumatic event. Judy, of course, will need her support for everything she has been through. With Steve now permanently out of the picture, she may be able to breathe a little more freely.

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Considering there were so many twists and turns in ‘Dead To Me’ season 1, it’s very likely that there are a few remaining mysteries left to be uncovered in the lives of Jen and Judy.


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