Dealing with cold calls: What you need to know

cold call

It’s difficult to know what the best thing to do is after getting a cold call. But if you’re worried or uncomfortable about receiving them there are a few ways you can make it far less common and eventually eliminate them entirely from your life. 

A quick Google search can sometimes help 

The first point of reference that tends to give you instant feedback on the validity of a number is to enter it into a search engine and ask if it’s a scam or who it is that’s calling from the number. For example, a few months ago a common search term was: is 08006404999 a scam?

What happened based on these searches? People were able to come together and comment on these calls collectively, to provide more information on what this company was and whether it should be avoided or not. 

Without the internet, this wouldn’t have been possible, and people may not have been given enough insight into this number to make the best decision possible. 

No one can force you to give up sensitive information

It doesn’t matter what they claim will happen to you or your bank account/home/power supply if you don’t tell them your PIN details or other extremely sensitive information, no company has ever needed someone’s PIN number to prevent an issue over the phone. 

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Yes, more shopping and account security is conducted online than ever before. But this tends to be through official channels with a secure link that takes you somewhere else to change your details. 

Stand firm on this, as anyone who calls you up and randomly asks for information like this, should be treated with extreme caution until you’re given proof that shows you otherwise. 

Ask them questions and see how they react 

If you suspect this cold call is worse than a poorly constructed sales pitch and more of a scam to get your private information, be sure to ask questions that will put them on the backpedal. 

Asking to speak to a supervisor, or for their registered business address will tend to result in fear tactics or quick subject changes if the caller is a scammer. Just remember to stay calm and continue to ask for some form of credentials before you make any further steps. 

Request that they remove your data from their systems 

Despite these frustrating and deeply annoying calls, businesses like this are still bound to the codes and ethics of law. Even if they’ve purchased your information from a third party, they’re legally obligated to remove you from their systems if you specify it during a cold call. 

Block the number entirely to avoid further calls 

People tend to prefer blocking nuisance numbers entirely after this to avoid potential other calls from the company associated with it. Remember that if you’ve been firm and asked them to remove your information, and you’re still receiving calls, blocking them allows you to be completely rid of their inconveniences.

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