Death risk in high BP patients may reduced by this Flu vaccine


Death risk in high BP patients may be reduced by this Flu vaccine

Recent researches show that Influenza vaccination can reduce the risk of high BP patients dying of heart attacks. It has also been highlighted that the death risk is reduced by 18% with the help of these vaccines.

The doctors claim that these vaccines are cheap and easily available to people. It is also safe as it saves the individual from other diseases and severe strokes as well. The study made use of Danish healthcare registers of the whole nation and studied that there were 608,452 patients aged between 18 to 100 years suffering from hypertension during nine consecutive influenza seasons, that is, from 2007 to 2016.


The researchers observed these patients and recorded all those who died of strokes and heart attacks. That is how they analyzed the difference between receiving a vaccine before the flu season and the deaths caused during the same.

After the analysis, it was deciphered that after taking the vaccination, there was an 18 percent noticeable reduction in the risk of dying from all causes, a 16 percent noticeable reduction in the risk of dying from any cardiovascular cause, and 10 percent from a heart attack or stroke.

To understand the connection between flu and cardiovascular disease, the researchers concluded that when the influenza virus attacks the body, it aggravates a strong immune reaction and is followed by inflammation. These responses fight and make the body clear of the infections.

Hypertension stands for high blood pressure. It is a long-term disease in which the arteries remained elevated for a long time. There are no typical symptoms for the same. It requires a medical diagnosis. It may last for some years or a lifetime. For hypertension, the blood pressure would be 140/90 and in severe cases, it would be 180/120. One should consult a doctor for the same.

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