Demi Lovato Realized ‘Life Is Too Short’ To Keep on Hating Taylor Swift


Over the long list of stan pop culture armies Over probably never want to piss off, Demi Lovato’s Lovatics and Taylor Swift’s Swifties rank right below the impressively vindictive BeyHive in their ability to ruin your life on the internet (and quite possibly IRL) in well, no time at all. So our advice would be don’t mess with anyone at all.

And for the last three years, the pop stars’ fans have been locked in endless Twitter’s word fights, as Swift and Lovato went from friends to outrage opponents, stealing from us all of a potentially bop-worthy remix of their songs “Cool For The Summer” and “Cruel Summer.”
But now, Lovato has sent Swift a digital white flag sorts (as compared to Katy Perry’s literal one) on Monday morning, acknowledging on Instagram that “Cruel Summer” is certainly a “jam” and calling for a pop music ceasefire.

Life is too short for the women to not support or be in favor of other women.. especially when women release great music,” she wrote accompanied some heart and hand-clapping emojis. “Great job.”


While Swift and Lovato and have had an on-and-off friendship over the past decade things veered into “Bad Blood”-Esque territory when the former Disney Channel star called out Swift for remaining silent on social media during Kesha’s legal dispute with Dr. Luke.

After Swift afterward donated $250,000 to Kesha’s cause, Lovato occurred to condemn the judgment to cover her legal costs, seemingly calling Swift’s feminist credibility into question.

Take something to Capitol Hill or actually speak out about something and then I’ll be impressed, Lovato took on Twitter to write back in 2016.

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The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer later nudged back against claims she was citing to Swift in the tweet and protected herself on Instagram.


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