Demi Lovato spotted Dating ‘Bachelorette’ star Mike Johnson…See here…!!


Although the ‘Bachelorette’ star Mike Johnson could not find the love of his life on the show he was in, yet it seems that he could have found a potential soul mate elsewhere.

The potential soul mate is none other than the famous celebrity, Demi Lovato. Reports suggest that Mike Johnson and Demi Lovato actually went out on a date in Los Angeles and a second date could be on boards soon.

So, how did this actually happen?

Demi Lovato had time and again mentioned that she was a diehard fan of Bachelorette. This was not a secret anymore that Demi was in love with the show and maybe a little portion of the love was directed to Mike Johnson.

Demi Lovato spotted Dating 'Bachelorette' star Mike Johnson...See here...!!
Demi Lovato spotted Dating ‘Bachelorette’ star Mike Johnson…See here…!!

Remember when Mike was eliminated from his season? He tweeted, later on, wondering where his future wife was! And what did Demi Lovato do? She went out openly and replied, ” I’m RIGHT HERE MIKE I’M RIGHT HERE BOO MY MOM ALREADY LOVES YOU TOO.” Johnson had also stated that he like the personality of Demi Lovato and how sociable she seemed.

It seems like; people already saw it coming their way. Although, Mike Johnson has hushed all rumors when he publicly stated that nothing else developed between him and Demi Lovato apart from the light and casual flirting that took place on social media, yet the cards might have turned around now.

Johnson has made fans go crazy when he hinted about a double date between him, Demi, Cameron, and Gigi.

Their social media romance continued for a while which ranged from liking each other’s posts or commenting something flirtatious on it.

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Demi had even uploaded stories where she wrote how much she liked Mike. Maybe, their social media romance stepped up and they went out on a real date. Who knows? We might get a dating confirmation anytime soon!


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