Derry Girls season 3 is coming out: Release Date, Trailer, and Recap!

Derry girls season 3 coming soon on Netflix
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Lisa McGee’s Derry Girls season 3 is due after receiving 100% approval on Rotten Tomatoes for its earlier two seasons. This outstanding British Sitcom has finally brought out the teenage comedy-drama that the audience demands on Netflix. First appeared in 2018 on Channel 4, the story of five teens studying at Catholic girl’s secondary school is an epitome of black comedy. 

To begin with, Derry Girls season one “Erin and the gang” created a picture of real-time average-doing students of Catholic school coming from a comic family. For the most part, the show’s audience highly appreciated the dark humor that comes with the theme of the 1990s Northern Ireland.

Derry girls all seasons on Netflix
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Here’s a fun fact for you! Although the show spotlights Northern Ireland’s natives’ way of living and talking, some of the main cast members are indeed from the southern part with a perfect imitation of Northern’s. 

Not only this but the show has broken all shows’ records at the national level in Northern Ireland by attending over 519, 000 audience for the show. So, without any further ado, let’s begin our journey to know Derry Girls season 3 all significant details, starting from the new release date!

What is Derry Girls season 3 new release date?

Netflix has without a doubt contracted for airing Derry girls after the release of season 2 by Hat Tricks Production. Although both season 1 and season 2 of Derry Girls were released in the early stages of 2018 and 2019; Netflix has not dropped any announcement for the release of season 3. 

After setting a high benchmark for the fans of comedy and black humor, Derry Girls season 3 has been delayed. The potential reason for such delay might be the current situation of the COVID-19 epidemic all over the world. 

However, we hope that the next season comes out in late 2020. Otherwise, the audience will have to wait for the fall of 2021. 

Is there a Derry Girls season 3 trailer?

No. up until now, Derry Girls season 3 trailer has not come out. Although the Derry Girls cast talks about the forthcoming season in one of the red carpet interviews, Stay away from Spoilers!

Derry Girls Awards and Recognitions

Do you know? After receiving over 2 million views per episode for both seasons of Derry Girls, the show has won various awards. The list includes Radio Times Comedy Champion Awards, IFTA Gala Television Awards for Best Comedy, and Royal Television Society Awards.

Seeking the national level appreciation, we would like to acclaim our readers that the show is worth watching on Netflix!

What is the Derry Girls plot?

To begin with the plot of Derry Girls, it revolves around “Erin and the gang.” It includes five friends: Erin Quinn, Orla McCool, Clare Devlin, Michelle Mallon, and James Maguire (Erin’s cousin). The real-time drama in these 4 girls’ lives starts when James, Erin’s cousin, comes to Derry for a while and joins Erin’s Catholic Girls secondary school.

Derry girls
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On the one hand, where these friends have to tackle their comic family, they usually find themselves unpopular and in trouble. To summarize, a British student can finely relate while watching the series as the black comedy polish the series at large. 

Derry Girls season 2 finale explained!

The ending of Derry Girls season 2 has come out as an emotional drive when James announced that he is leaving Derry. To this Erin Quinn who at first didn’t like James’ company got upset. Apart from this, Derry town is going through the whole Bill Clinton era. 

Spoiler Alert! Bill Clinton is coming to Derry. To this Michelle’s mother is on the hit. She wants to bleach all mugs for Hilary, in case she stops by her house. That’s funny! Oh well!

Derry Girls season all on Netflix
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Anyway, at the finale scene, the audience witnessed that Jame’s mother is waiting for James in the car. However, he is having a difficult time saying goodbye to his friends. Erin gets angry when she realizes that James has decided to go. 

Erin and the gang leave James and go to see Bill Clinton. However, not long after, James comes back to his friends and they watch Bill together. That’s the end of Derry Girls season 2. 


In conclusion, Derry Girls season 3 will bring James in the first row of comedy as now he is officially a part of the gang, not just a cousin to tag along! Stay tuned for more!


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