Destiny 2 Season Of The Undying Roadmap Unveiled: Details Inside


Here we have an outline for the calendar events lining up for Destiny 2 Shadowkeep’s first season. The game with the new season is planned to be launched next month in about 20 days.

Loyal gamers must be thrilled with the anticipation of the upcoming season that will provide a whole new experience and set up. Bungie had been building up anticipation in the gaming audience about the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and the season of undying. It had been giving off hints about what people can expect from the launch and what is coming their way.

It took a step towards us again with the announcement of the upcoming events that have lined up in the upcoming weeks.

Destiny 2 Season Of The Undying Roadmap Unveiled: Details Inside
Destiny 2 Season Of The Undying Roadmap Unveiled: Details Inside

The event begins with The Shadowkeep Raid launch on the 5th of October that will also let the players know about all the free stuff in the game and all the features. It is obvious that all the items are not going to be free for players.

The free content will be available for all, even for the Destiny 2 New Light free to play players. It has a new moon destination and some additional features have been updated which includes a seasonal artifact. Finishers and Armor 2.0 are some other additional features of the free content that will be available to all.

The following event is on 8th of October named the ‘Hero and Legend Nightmare Hunts’. The next event ‘Master Nightmare Hunts, Iron Banner returns’ is planned on the 15th of October. On 22nd of October ‘Leviathan’s Breath, Exotic Quest’ is scheduled. October 29th is an important day as it has two events scheduled and the beginning of the ‘Festival of the Lost’ which will last for the next 20 days till November 19th.

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The rest two events are ‘New Dungeon, new Momentum Control PvP mode’ and ‘Divinity Exotic Quest’. On November 5th, we have the ‘First raid challenge’. The last event is dated on November 19th,’ Vex Offensive: Final Assault’.


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