Diamond Painting:  Guide and Tips 2022

Diamond Painting:  Guide and Tips 2022

Diamond Painting is an activity that originated only less than a decade ago, it has grown in popularity swiftly among individuals of all ages. It is an astonishingly easy craft that everyone can master with a bit of dedicated time and effort! Youngsters and grown-ups can have fun while making excellent show-stoppers.

It is a fun art project and can be made by even beginner painters. The finished product that you produce is something that will delight anyone who looks at it due to the interesting variation of colors that are used to create a picture. Like the popular children’s game, this is something you can do with your family and friends, but the artwork you produce will look more like a painting than anything else.

What is Diamond Painting?

Now the question arises, just what is diamond painting, known as Diamant Peinture in France. It is the application of sparkly, colorful rhinestones, one-by-one, onto an adhesive canvas painting that is color-coded. It involves the use of a cross-stitch applicator pen to attach the tiny gems to the canvas. The whole process ultimately results in aesthetically pleasing artworks that dazzle, shimmer and shine. It is not only rewarding because of the end-product but is also a proven stress-reliever.

Why choose Diamond Painting?

They say, ‘Diamonds are forever”. Thus, diamond painting can serve as wonderful gifts, as tokens of love and appreciation for loved ones. It can be an exciting solo activity or even a wonderful family bonding experience. There is also the added benefit of mental stimulation and hand-eye coordination gained from matching the coded canvas with the different rhinestones.

Step-by-Step Process of Diamond Painting

With the growing popularity of diamond painting these days, several kits are now readily available. The process is pretty straightforward for a beginner. First, the color-coded canvas is laid on a flat surface to facilitate easy handling. Then comes the really fun part. The tiny “diamonds” of different colors are assembled in a flat tray. Next, the applicator pen is used to place each sparkly stone into its color-coded position using jewel painting sap on the tip of the pen. Usually, the wax is used with the applicator. Then it is repeated, one rhinestone diamond at a time, till finally, a dazzling artwork, that is ready for display, is completed.

Types of Rhinestone Diamonds

The rhinestones used in the diamond painting are shaped such that they are flat at the bottom and rounded at the top. These are rounded diamonds. They are easier to use with the applicator pen than other types but do leave some empty spaces in the canvas. Overall, they lead to a neat and uniform finish of the canvas. In addition, there are available square rhinestone diamonds as well. Though not used widely, they have an advantage over the rounded rhinestones. These stones line up more easily and settle snugly in the canvas but are slightly more difficult to pick up with the applicator pens. Thus, they provide a gap-less and thus, a fuller and more complete looking painting.

Super Secret Diamond Painting Tricks

With growing interest in diamond painting among the public, the experts have come up with tips and tricks to make the activity more exciting and the end product even more dazzling. So, take a deep breath and get ready to create the most sparkling painting ever by following these super-secret Diamond Painting tips and tricks.

  • Use a Muffin Tray to avoid drill spills

The tiny colourful rhinestone diamond drills used in Diamond Painting are beautiful to the eye but can be notoriously difficult to keep separate. They move around and the colours get mixed up. So, why not use a regular household item like the common muffin tray to keep them segregated? It will surely save you a headache. You can also use an egg carton or even tiny bottles if you have them at hand.

  • Make the most of your Colour-Code Legend

The diamond painting kits come with a colour code reference legend attached to the canvas. Now, it is pretty distracting to match the colours with their codes after every few minutes. A better idea is to glue one rhinestone to its colour along with the legend. It will save you unnecessary eye strain and keep things running smoothly.

  • Use a Flat Hard Surface as your Workstation
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It cannot be stressed enough: another useful diamond painting tip is to use a flat hard surface to roll out your painting canvas to prevent bumps. A flat table or countertop will work best. This will give a neat and uniform finish to the artwork and keep all the rhinestone drills aligned. So, for diamond painting, the flatter the surface, the better.

  • Flatten your Canvas by sleeping on it

The level of satisfaction you gain once you finish your canvas is literally heavenly. You’re tired but content. So why not sleep on it? Yes, we do mean literally. Place your canvas under the bed mattress and rest a while. This will straighten out any lumps and irregularities giving a pixel-perfect finish.

  • Upgrade to a Multi-Stone Applicator Pen

Diamond Painting:  Guide and Tips 2022

For those who wish to go the extra mile, upgrading to a multi-stone applicator pen is highly recommended. It will save the much-needed time and effort needed to attach these minuscule stones one by one to the adhesive canvas. The pen will instead attach several stones in one go and you’ll get your shimmering artwork completed more swiftly.

  • Glitter Dust to fill in the Gaps

One relatively unknown trick to get that full and complete look in your finished canvas is to add glitter dust. Using glitter dust of the same colour, you can fill up the gaps left by rounded drills. A professional-looking artwork is ready for display!

  • Reduce stone static by using Baking Paper

One problem faced by diamond painting enthusiasts is the clumping of rhinestones. These tiny stones clump together due to static. This is a minor obstacle but a major nuisance. Thus, to counter this, take a baking sheet, cut it into small pieces, and place it in between the diamonds. This will absorb the static and your stones will remain clump-free.

  • Seal it to make it last longer

If the artwork is to be displayed or even if it is to be given as a gift, it’s a very good idea to apply a sealant to it. Roll over the canvas with a roller or press it down gently using hands and then apply a sealant for a longer-lasting canvas.

  • Going the Extra Mile: Adding a professional touch to your Diamond Painting

Depending on one’s interest, there is also the opportunity to go the extra mile in this craft. For this purpose, some diamond painting kits come with a sealant and roller to give that extra professional finish to your project. For a luxurious final look, there is also the option of framing the hand-made masterpiece. There are several ways to do this while staying safe inside the comfort of one’s own home. The easiest way would be to get it framed. These frames are like the frames one sees in any gallery but without the glass. Once the framing process is done, the Display of Customized Diamond Painting, which is called Broderie Diamant Personnalisé in French, is ready.

By following these few secret tips, your diamond paintings will be elevated to the next level.  So gear up and get started to create a dazzling masterpiece.

Tips on Removing Wrinkles From The Canvas Of Diamond Painting

Generally speaking, there are several issues that arise when one will start another strengths project. Gem painting, with all its appearance has some issues that may make you feel in a crude position. To ensure that these issues lead you in a difficult situation, we have collected a “how to” plan that will help you discard these issues. This will help you deal with the vexatious wrinkles and wrinkles that upgrade the material when it is fanned out. As long as there are no tears in the canvas, everything is going to be fine.

Here are several ways with which you can wipe out the wrinkles from a Diamond Painting. The most direct way to deal with wiping out wrinkles from the material is restricting them under profound things. To do in that, you may hold fast to the going with rules:


Things you need: 

  • Tape
  • A level surface
  • Generous things like books
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The best strategy to: Take your valuable Diamond Painting canvas and warily spread it out. Using tape, exploit the level surface. Guarantee that the material has been stretched. Detect the generous thing on top of the all-inclusive material. Hold on for now. This is the most effortless way to deal with wrinkles. However, if this doesn’t go the way that you want it to go, the process might be useless.


The notification of a cutting edge undoubtedly most likely made you create a scene in a curious style; anyway our system isn’t just probably as overpowering as it sounds. Now and again, the wrinkles are made as a result of air ascends in the material film that covers and guarantees the concrete layer. To take Out wrinkles and wrinkles from the material film, you may cling to the going with rules:

Things You Need:

  • A penknife
  • A Pen
  • A Ruler

How to: Set out the material on a level surface. Guarantee that the material is level and not turning. Using a ruler and a pencil, draw a vertical line going beginning to end on the material film. Guarantee that the lines start at a 1-inch break starting with one completion of the material then onto the next. Break suggests that the line starts not really where the material does, rather at a one-inch opening from one completion of the material).

Taking a penknife, make a straight passage point completely, along the lines you drew. You have to be incredibly mindful while around the cutting edge. Ensure not to make significant cuts in the film as it would hurt the material underneath.

Once you are done, you will have pieces of material film that can be peeled off. Mindfully, take off one of the strips. Run a hand over the strip and ensure that the air pockets have been taken out. Repeat the cycle for all the strips.


Using an iron is perhaps the most broadly perceived technique for removing wrinkles when dealing with diamond painting kits. However, one should never consider this as their first choice because gem painting materials are covered with a layer of paste film that is feeble to dissolving and can be damaged easily when they come in contact with heat. Having said that, this should be treated as a last resort only.

Things you need: 

  • An Iron
  • A Tea towel


  • Set out the imaginative creation material on a level surface.
  • With a tea towel, cover the outside of the material.
  • Keeping the iron on low warmth, delicately iron the material.

Diamond Painting:  Guide and Tips 2022


Wrinkle removers are another improvement in this domain. By sprinkling the wrinkle remover from the holder to the wrinkled surface, the wrinkles are removed. Wrinkle removers can similarly work for the wrinkles on valuable stone imaginative creation materials, since the material is contained on the surface. To do in that capacity, you may stick to the going with bearings:

Things You Need: 

  • Wrinkle remover
  • A level surface
  • A texture to clean the excess with

Directions to: Detect the material on an ideal and a dry surface. Holding the wrinkle remover sprinkle bottle on any occasion 6 to 10 crawls from the material, shower on the material, covering it totally. Use the remover in short impacts. If the material is thick and robust, you may use it in greater entireties, anyway not pointlessly. Note: this strategy is the most secure for removing wrinkles from gem painting materials. The only issue that you might face would be finding the wrinkle removers. However, they can also be found in a lot of departmental stores.

Final Words

Diamond painting is another one of the more rewarding paint by numbers techniques. It has been a popular activity for years and has luckily made its way into the online world for us to enjoy. If you are looking for a relaxing way to spend your time or a fun do-it-yourself project, diamond painting may be exactly what you are seeking. Just be sure to choose a reputable site. All in all, diamond painting is a must-try activity for those with an eye for sparkle. So, give it a go and let your imagination run wild with these dazzling tiny stones



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