Difference Between Installment and Payday Loans – Explained


Sometimes we all go broke and need somewhere to secure a quick loan to cover medical expenses,  pay significant bills or keep our business moving. If you’ve been in such a situation, you’ve probably had difficulty choosing between payday and instalment loans. 

In this post, ill take you through the differences between payday loans and instalment loans and what you need to consider before taking any of them. Let’s dive straight into it. 

What Is An Installment Loan?

Installment loans include quite a several things ranging from car loans, mortgages or boat loans but the instalments loans that match payday loans are generally referred to as personal loans. 

You’re guaranteed to secure a lump sum of cash upfront on your original application approval. After securing the loan, you’ll be required to make monthly payments throughout your loan term. If it’s a mortgage, you’ll have a period of 30 years, whereas if a car loan, you’ll have three years. A personal loan repayment plan stretches for 12 months. 

For you to secure a legitimate instalment loan, the lending platform will have to conduct a series of credit checks, and before you access the loan, they’ll put you through a long and tiresome application process. 

However, instalment loan interest rates are better and more considerate than numerous payday loans, even for those with a lousy credit score. These loans are a great way to escape your financial challenges and come out on top by securing instalment loans online at Heart Paydays

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What Is A Payday Loan?

Payday loans are short-term loans below $1,000 and should be paid on your upcoming payday. The lending platforms will require you to access your bank’s details or provide a postdated check which they use to secure the loan repayment once you receive your payment at the agreed time. 

The only major issue with payday loans is when you cannot pay them back in time. And even though you’ll be allowed to make payment on your upcoming payday, you’ll incur more interest due to late payment. 

Similarly, payday loans charge ridiculous interest rates that average 400% APR. They also slap ridiculous fees and penalties on their loans which is something to look out for before you subscribe to them. 

Their interest rates typically accumulate quite fast and significantly, and within no time, you’ll find yourself in a financial trap. Many people cannot repay payday loans, so they’re stuck in a continuous loan cycle. 

Alternative instant cash advance loans are valuable lifelines in paying for expected and unexpected expenses. Whether it’s an unpaid utility or medical bill, a quick $500 is ripe for the taking.

Moreover, payday loans don’t conduct credit checks on their users, which is an advantage to those with a poor credit score but are in a financial crisis. That said, you should only go for payday loans if you’re confident you’ll see mage to repay in time. 

Instalment Loans Vs. Payday Loans

Let’s look at some of the notable differences between payday loans and instalment loans: 

Loan Amounts

Instalment loans offer a considerable amount of loans to their users, whereas if you take up payday loans, you’ll usually be stuck on a loan limit of some a hundred dollars. 

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Repayment Periods

With instalment loans, you’re guaranteed numerous months or sometimes a couple of years before you repay the total amount. In contrast, if you choose to go with payday loans, you’ll be required to adhere to their repayment plan for your upcoming paycheck. 

Loan APRs

Notably, instalment loans always provide users loans that attract low fees and interest rates that they can manage to pay. However, payday loans have huge interest rates that stall most users in their loan repayment. 

Credit Checks

Instalment loan lenders typically conduct an extensive credit score check before they offer their users with their quality loans.  That said, payday lenders don’t pay too much attention to users’ creditworthiness and offer loans without many formalities. 

Should I Get an Installment Loan or Payday Loan?

Both sides have pros and cons, but interest rates and fees are significant. Instalment loans charging low-interest rates and fees are the best bet. An instalment loan can go for years. A payday loan doesn’t conduct credit checks on its users; it charges high fees. 


Theres no doubt that securing loans can be difficult sometimes, especially if you have a lousy credit score. But with payday loans, you’re guaranteed to secure quality loans but at high-interest rates, which might stop you from completing the payment in time. However, with instalment loans such as Heart Payday, you get loans with low-interest rates and even though they conduct credit checks, be sure they’ll provide you with the best loan services.


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