The Differences Between A Beginner And A Seasoned Day Trader


The way the investment industry used to work has changed a lot since computers and the internet have become accessible to people at an affordable cost.

As a consequence, the role of day trading has changed too. If you are planning to enter the investment industry, you will want to be familiar with the terminology used there. Day trading is one such new term.

What Is Day Trading?

You might have heard this word as it’s extremely common, that’s all. But you might not know the details or what it actually is. In the simplest way, day trading means buying or selling security positions in a single day.

Since the day traders don’t wait long for selling the positions, they don’t look for big profits. Still, there are tricks to obtain the maximum price while selling what the seasoned traders are aware of.

You will find this blog helpful if you are a newbie thinking to invest in day trading. Here you will know how to become a seasoned day trader.

Prepare Yourself Properly

Being a beginner, before making any investment, however small it is, create a plan and write it down. Acquire ideas on how to earn profit from the investments you will make.

This trading plan should include where you will invest, how to enter a trade, the reasons behind choosing that particular trade, how to accept the winning or losing, and every detail you should consider.  As a beginner, you can learn more about the basics of trading including how to determine the bull and bear flag pattern.

Test How Effective Your Trading Plan Is

Before putting your hard-earned money at risk, check whether your trading strategy is working or not with a demo account. Based on the performance, you may need to alter it. If this brings you profit at a stretch for several months, your plan is awesome, dear. You deserve appreciation.

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Have A Routine to Avoid Mistakes

All the seasoned day traders follow a routine for day trading. So, being a novice, you should do the same. Start trading at the same time each day and check the latest data that may influence the share market before you begin to invest.

Routine to Avoid Mistakes

Also, stop trading too at a specific time. Go through all the trades you have made on that day and check whether you are following the plan for each of the trades.

Don’t Wait for High Impact News Announcements

As a beginner, avoid holding your positions for high-impact news such as company earnings announcements and economic data releases because it may have a negative impression on the trade. Check out the Asktraders how to use a economic calendar guide if you’re not sure how to make best use of them.

Nobody knows how they push the price and in which direction. Instead, you may use trading strategies after such events.

Thorough Reviewing Is Vital

To succeed in the long run, review your trades weekly or monthly. This will help you evaluate your overall performance so far. How will you do it?

Take a screenshot of your chart and mark the trades you did on it. Compare it with the prior week and take note of the areas which need improvements.

Create a road map on how to implement the rules for improvements. At the end of the month, check whether your weekly plans are showing progress or not.

Plan to Overcome Your Weaknesses Too

Every trader, whether he is a fresher or an experienced one, has some strengths and weaknesses. The common mistakes are not taking losses when needed or not following the trading plan. You will recognize those over time. These mistakes may lead to huge losses.

So, make a plan for this unwanted situation. You may seek help personally from the ones who have been trading for long, to get out of it.

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Utilize Stop-Loss Order

This order helps to take a trader out of a trade when the price is not moving to the direction as expected. Nobody can predict the market accurately. That is the reason why highly experienced people also go through losses. The stop-loss order is to protect you from a bigger loss.

Commission-Free Trading

Commissions are the fees that you need to pay the brokers for buying and selling stocks. Why do you need it? Because you don’t know much about it, and the broker will facilitate your task, helping you earn profits and grow financially.

This traditional system has changed with the increase in computer and internet usage. With it, you can go for commission-free trading without appointing any financial advisor. You can go for it if you want to earn the full profit and invest more in the next phase.

Stop Losses Are Dependent on Market Conditions

Placing stop loss is also crucial. Use a proven strategy and also observe the volatility of today. Stop loss must reflect the changes in volatility.

Expand the stop loss to provide a bit more flexibility to your trading. You can shift the stop loss closer to the entry point when prices are almost stable.

Set Targets Based on Market Conditions

The stop loss needs to be adjusted based on the volatility; likewise, the profit objectives too. The targets are the points that will take you out of the trade when in a profitable position. The targets can be expanded during volatile times and reduced while there is little volatility, similar to the stop-loss order.

Determine Your Trading Potential

This is the golden rule every seasoned day trader follows, so should you. How will you determine your overall profit as a day trader? Calculate the percentage of trades you win against the average winning amount to that of the average loss amount.

If the previous is larger than the later, your potentiality is growing. You can also reduce the number of trades on which you are losing.

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