Digital Trends Live: You can tie laces with Nike’s self lacing shoes with Siri or apple watch


Technology has grown in leaps and bounds and there is no stopping it. Also, we as humans have become dangerously dependent on it and there is no denying it. Can you imagine a day without your mobile phone or the internet today? It is next to impossible. There is so much dependency right from the morning, day in and day out, you will feel lost if you are asked to give up the internet or your phone for a day. 

With all the exceptional development that technology has made, this one will blow your mind. 

You going for a brisk walk, all you need is your shoe, tie it up, tighten or loosen according to your comfort and you are ready to go. Just wait right there. Here is the correction. 


The Technological shoe

You need a shoe, just slide your feet into it, tie it up and command Siri to tighten or loosen it. Yes, you heard it right. Nike’s Adapt Huarache is a shoe, or can be called a technological shoe, is governed by apple Siri via your voice command through the apple watch or iPhone

Nike‘s new launch, this shoe provides you with all the comfort you need. You just need to command it with your voice. It uses the FitAdapt Self Lacing technology to perform your commands. Isn’t it amazing, while walking or exercising you don’t have to halt even a couple of seconds to adjust your lace? You can just speak out to Siri and command your shoe to self adjust it, just as you like it. Also, it follows the command to undo the lace ones you are done for the day. Just command and watch you technological shoe become undone. 

Along with the lace command, you can also change the appearance of the shoe by changing the colors of the LED lights that are placed around the sole, not just the usual default colors but your customized hues as well. You can use the app to choose the color according to your preference. 

All thanks to technology, life is turning extremely easy and comfortable. Although we are becoming dangerously dependent on it, there is nothing much to be done, except to enjoy all the developments we come across. 


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