Disney World’s Most Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Treats


Disney, the world of surprises. They transform a simple park into a wonderland in seven days. They create yummy chocolates and delicious cakes which are uncountable and incomparable Disney treats are beautiful, delicious, attractive with red and pink flavors. Valentine’s day is one of the best occasions which can be celebrated in Walt Disney.

Cherry pate fruit, Dark chocolate mousse, Candied nuts will welcome the lovely couples every year. Red Velvet Whoopies Pies, Cherry Almond cupcake, Wild Animal Print Valentine’s Cupcake are add-ons. There will be a special surprise every year.

Valentine’s day is the most romantic occasion to express their love for their special ones. Celebrating this special occasion in such a sweet place where we can find delicious, food, mesmerizing gifts, exciting events, specially designed cakes and chocolates for our beloved ones is such a nice experience.


Coming to this year, Mickey valentine Cinnamon Roll, Goofy’s Candy, Hugs and kisses Mickey Krispie treat, Peppermint ice cream sandwich, Strawberry and chocolate milkshake, raspberry filled cakes, breakable chocolate hearts with a number of messages expresses and enhances the love we have on them.

There is plenty to eat and enjoy. Different variety of cakes can be found in different places and events as well. The celebrations will last for a month. Red hot Beignets, Princess chocolate bars, sweetheart bread, sweetheart Macaron are personalized.

Chocolate peanut butter Sweetheart Bear Cupcake is the most adorable treat available on 13th and 14th February. Disney provides seven-day surprises for a week. Hand=dipped Strawberries. Ganache Squares, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate covered Strawberry milkshake, Beauty and the Beast, Strawberry Beignet Sundae, Raspberry Ganache Cheese Cake respectively.vvalentine’s Day 2020 is full of surprises and treats in Disney.

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Disney means holding a lot many sweet memories with your beloved Valentine. Everyone’s favorite couple Mickey and Minnie are eagerly waiting to welcome the lovely couples and Disney is the best romantic destination full of treats to celebrate this valentine’s Day.


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