DIY Natural Ways to Boost the Immune System this Pandemic 2020

DIY Natural Ways

Aside from taking up probiotic supplements and vitamins regularly, there are also natural ways to strengthen resistance to fight any disease. Natural methods can also be done at home, especially now that there is a threat of coronavirus. Since COVID-19 drives in cold and flu-like symptoms, zinc as well as vitamins B, C, and D are essential in the body to strengthen immunity and fight disease while it also heals.  It is by far the most effective way to boost immunity naturally that you can do during the pandemic.

Here is the list of Natural Ways to Booster the Immune System at Home:

Since we all love to prepare snacks, especially during breaks, food made from fruits and vegetables that are rich in minerals and vitamins that battle disease is the best DIY alternative that you can do at home. To get you on board, you might probably need the best kitchen utilities and equipment that can also be opted at for your guide.


Juice drinks from orange and lemon juice extract is good sources of vitamin C. Orange and lemon nearly have the same amount of vitamin C contents which is important to resist any type of illness. You may have it in the morning after breakfast.


Juice shots are made with a combination of carrot ginger, lemon, and apple cider vinegar can make perfect refreshment. The Carrot juice is supplemented with plenty of beta-carotene, B-vitamins, potassium, and other minerals. In this mixture, you also have the anti-inflammatory substance of ginger extract.

Alternative natural drinks

  • Fruits and a vegetable SMOOTHIE made from carrots, apples, and oranges are also a good recipe to boost the immune system.
  • A cup of tea, particularly BLACK TEA, is also essential for the immune response as it contains alkylamine antigens, the type of chemical present in the black tea that builds up a defense against any disease and serves as the antibodies.


Ultraviolet exposure is the primary source of vitamin D for the bones, blood cells, and immune systems. Regular exposure to the sun between 6 AM to 8 AM at least 10 minutes every day can help you get certain minerals like phosphorus and calcium and it is the natural way to get enough D-vitamins. 

You may have to perform your morning fitness exercise or water the plants under the sun or have a quick walk outside with a dog. Anything can be done under the heat of the morning sun that is substantive for a strong immune system.


Health Sleeping Habit

Getting enough sleep plays a vital role in building strong immune system. Not only does good nights’ sleep help strengthen the immune system, but it also sharpens memory, lowers the risk of heart disease, boosts mood, weight control, and improves athletic performance.

Healthy diet

For the immune system, the proper choice of food intakes is significant. It is necessary to get enough nutrients that our bodies need from eating fruit and vegetables. The management of salty and fatty food consumption and the high-intake of sugar should also be taken into account. Everything in moderation is good for the immune system and Body Science.

Healthy Morning Exercise

Stay fit always to prevent any disease. Engage in moderate exercise every morning. Spending 5 to 10 minutes to do exercise at home is enough to bolster the immune system.

Stay hydrated

When is the best time to drink water to stay hydrated? It should be upon waking up, after the workout, before meals, before taking a bath, before going to bed, and more often when in-sick. Make it a habit to drink plenty of water every day. 

If possible, avoid vices to maintain good health. Excessive drinking and vices can harm the body as no-good content may be contrary to the vitamins in the body which can do no good to the immune system.

Final Thoughts for DIY Natural Ways 

Health experts will always advise that the natural ways are the best method to keep a healthy immune system. These methods reduce the risk for the body to react to the chemicals from vitamins and supplements too. And lastly, the natural ways will cost less money than factory-made health supplements and vitamins.


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