DJI will now make you pay Trump’s tariffs whenever you buy its drone


Chinese drone juggernaut DJI has made substantial adjustments to pricing and availability on its product lineup in response to increased tariffs on Chinese goods imposed by the Trump administration. The imposed price hikes represent the first reported case of a Chinese gadget manufacturer, passing the cost of Trump’s tariffs on US consumers. We took a closer look into the disrupting issue at hand and today, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about Trump’s new tariffs.

Not too little 

In response to China’s own plans to place new duties on U.S. goods, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter late last month about there is an increase of 5 percentage points on Chinese imports. Officially going into effect over the weekend, it is evidently seen by finding that the price of drones developed DJI has increased by about 13 percent, falling just under the under the 15 percent figure announced by the president.

DJI will now make you pay Trump’s tariffs whenever you buy its drone

Increasing the risks with taxes 

Including tariff applications, tax rates, as well as currency exchange, have also undergone fluctuations when looking at retail prices. And the most unfortunate part is that although a number of large companies in the electronics industry have openly expressed concern over the US-China trade war and how it may negatively impact business, and some have threatened to do carry out the same practices as DJI. 

From small to big 

Renowned electronic company Apple has even succumbed to Trump’s tariffs by imposing these absurd regulations on their products such as laptop chargers and iPhone cables. Although it is reported that, Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently engaging in active discussions with President Trump about the damage the traffic can generate, sources say that it might not do much. 

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