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DMX Movies
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In 2021, the world had many foregone legends, among which DMX is one of the most cherished ones. Earl Simmons, a popular former American rapper and actor, passed away in April of 2021. Today, it has been a year. So, why not begin this weekend with DMX Movies binge-watch on Netflix.

For the most part, 51-year-old Dark Man X (Earl Simmons) accomplished stature as an actor in Hollywood with action movies. Surprisingly enough, DMX Movies like Romeo Must Die, Top Five, Belly, and Pimp broke some of the world’s most controversial stereotypes. At the time, such DMX movies did not get sufficient attention. But, today’s millennials cannot get enough of DMX’s acting. 

 DMX Movies
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For such readers, today, we present a complete and brand-new list of DMX Movies that you ought to watch this weekend. DMX’s young, buffed, and tattooed outlook will mistake you for action alone. But, believe us, there’s a lot of drama in DMX popular movies 2020 as well. 

Before we go ahead, let’s learn a bit about DMX, an American Rapper and actor. 

Who is DMX (Dark Man X)?

Recently, on social media in 2021, DMX, an American rapper and actor, went viral. People were shocked to know that their beloved DMX, a.k.a., Earl Simmons, had passed away. In the past decades, DMX has appeared in several ground-breaking movies. In 2019, DMX’s last movie of his lifetime, called “Beyond the Law”, was released. Sadly enough, DMX’s last movie, Beyond the Law, only made twelve grand at the box office. 

Born in 1970, only at the age of 14, DMX/Earl Simmons entered the music industry. According to Wikipedia, DMX’s first-ever paid music bid was beatboxing for Ready Ron. 

 DMX Movies
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Not only this, but throughout the 1990s, he dropped many single albums, including Make a Move and Time to Build. For many years, DMX collaborated with high-end music personalities, including Jazy, Ja Rule, and Gerinoma Mic. 

For many years, DMX enjoyed real-time fame in the music industry as well as regular gigs in Hollywood. However, his career took a hardcore fall when he became addicted to illegal substances (cocaine). It also ruined his relationships with big players like Jay-Z and Ja Rule. 

On 2nd April 2021, DMX’s family/companions reported unconsciousness. Later found out that Dark Man X overdosed on cocaine which left him in a deep sleep (coma) for a week. At last, he passed away. 

What are the top DMX Movies to watch in 2022? 

Even though the actor and rapper DMX passed away due to conclusive head issues and drug problems. He will remain living in the hearts of his millions of fans. With so much history, ups and downs to count on – let’s go ahead. Take a flashback to the 1990s – 2000s, when DMX movies were the best. Here is the best of the best list: 

#1: Cradle 2 The Grave – One of the best DMX Movies of all times

To begin with, Cradle 2 the Grave is one of the most amazing DMX movies of all time. It delivers suspense, action, emotion, and drama at a high level. For the most part, the plot is quite simple.

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DMX is playing the part of Anthony Fait, who is the mastermind of the robbery. He gets his hands on diamonds. Another cast member is Jet Li, who is playing the part of a SWAT officer. Even though Jet Li’s major mission is to catch DMX (the thief).

However, the tables turn when the DMX’s daughter gets kidnapped. Thus, forcing Jet Li into a situation to help the thief first. It is definitely an emotional rollercoaster between the cop and the thief, which is classic. 

The movie was indeed released in 2003. Yet, it is one of the favourites binge-watch to remember DMX’s prime time in Hollywood. 

#2: Exit Wounds (2001 DMX movies)

One of the most chilling factors about this movie is that popular American rapper DMX plays the role of “drug cartel lord”). To begin with, the movie Exit Wounds involves “cop-criminal” chemistry between Steve Seagall and DMX. in the movie. The DMX character has a lot of money. However, the source of such wealth is unknown. As a result, everyone in the drug industry wants a piece of him. 

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Due to several turns in the story, Steve seagull’s character and DMX’s character find themselves in a controversial situation that becomes a conspiracy. In order to protect each other, DMX and Steve work together. 

Yet again, DMX movies are full of action. Exit wounds also have a cop-criminal theme to them, like Cradle 2 the Grave. 

The good part is that DMX movies 2020 – Exit Wounds is now available on online streaming platforms. If you have Amazon Prime, Hulu, or iTunes, you are good to go! Or, you can also check out links to watch movies and tv shows for free -click here. 

#3: Romeo Must Die – (DMX movies about classic Romeo-Juliet but better!)

Back in the day, DMX movies have always been about action. Yet, of course, something is different and exciting about watching old and gold – Romeo must die. Since high school, you may have been listening to the same version of Romeo and Juliet.

But in Romeo Must Die, DMX plays the role of an ex-convict who lost his brother. When he gets out, he embarks on the journey to find the killer. Meanwhile, he falls in love with the beautiful daughter of a wealthy man. Later DMX comes to know that his lover’s father is somewhat involved in his brother’s death. 

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The entertaining part about this movie is that it takes many twists and turns that will shock you till your popcorn spills. Sounds exciting, right? The movie is now available on channel ott HBO Max. So, stream now for free. Or, check out the best torrent websites to download DMX movies. 

Here’s a fun fact: Do you know? Released in 2000 (two decades ago), Romeo Must Die made upto 91 million USD at the box office. 

#4: Belly – DMX Movies’ best rating on IMDB

When it came to binge-watching DMX Movies in 2020, it was a serious emotional rollercoaster. The major reason is that DMX movies and tv shows have often embraced relationships like brother-brother, DMX and lover, cop and thief and so on. The movie “Belly”, released in 1998, is unbelievably emotional at the end. 

According to the plotline, DMX plays the role of Buns, who has a brother named Sincere. Now, Bun and Sincere have been inseparable since childhood. They struggled through poverty together. For the money, they began indulging in the crime world. By the age of 20s, they became lords in the industry. But, one day, Sincere changed his mind and joined a Muslim religious group to find liberation from his crimes. This leaves Buns alone. 

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Cops catch Buns, and he lands in prison for a long period with an unending sentence. When Bun finds out a way to get out of prison, he is asked to assassinate the head of the religious group. Sadly, Sincere is part of that group. So, now DMX’s character is torn between the two. 

Want to find out what happens? You can stream Belly on Hulu today! To the readers’ surprise, Belly earned upto 96 lakhs in the USA. It was also very popular in Canada at the time. 

#5: PIMP (2018)

Want to watch DMX movies with the latest perspective? Well! In that case, released four years ago, in 2018, Pimp is the movie you should binge on tonight. For the most part, Pimp movie’s plotline does not mainly revolve around DMX, but his part is inevitable for sure. 

The storyline of Pimp follows – Wednesday, who runs a sex charade. According to the flashbacks, Wednesday has learned all about the sex business from her father. However, after a long time, Wednesday again desires to get out of this business and live a decent life. But, little did she know, a male pimp enters their lives who is even more dangerous and evil than Wednesday herself. 

DMX Movies
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Of all the DMX movie 2021 listings, Pimp is the one that you will cry through for some reason. It definitely gives a deeper insight into the lives of sex workers who are thrown into business by fatherly figures. 

You can stream Pimp movies online on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, or Hulu. Check out the kickass torrent website to download Pimp online if you don’t have a premium subscription. 

#6: Top Five (2014) – DMX Movies with Gabrielle Union

DMX fans are wondering if there are any DMX movies with Gabrielle Union after Cradle 2 The Grave? Well! The answer is yes. Tom Five, an American comedy by Chris Rock, is quite famous. The cast includes Jerry Sienfield, Dark Man X, Gabrielle Union, Kevin Harts, Adam Sandler, and so on. For the most part, it is the only comedy movie that includes DMX. Otherwise, he is all about action. 

The movie follows the storyline of Andre (big-time actor; cast: Chris Rock). He met Chelsea from the New York Times. She encourages Andre to get back to his “comedic roots” through criticism of his movies. 

The movie does not include DMX in the big picture. To stream this movie, log in to your Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, or Hulu, whichever works for you!

What is Dark Man X’s Net Worth? 

Born in 1970, DMX lived a glorious life as one of the best actors in Hollywood till 2019. In 2021, Dark Man X (Earl Simmons) passed away due to a massive heart attack followed by a week in a coma. Fans are wondering, how much money ($)/net worth did he earn in his lifetime? 

According to the latest estimation of Celebrities’ wealth, DMX’s Net worth stands at (-)1 Million USD. You may be wondering what it means? Well! It means he was in debt. 

Do you know? Even in 2022, DMX is the fifth-best American rapper in the USA. So, why was he in debt? According to the various events of DMX’s life, in 2014, Tashera Simmons, his wife, filed for divorce. The couple has been married since 1999. 1.2 Million USD is his debt categorized under child support. 

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By the end of his lifetime in 2021, DMX filed for bankruptcy as he had lost all his hard-earned money in legal cases against him. For example, in 2017, Federal prosecutors charged DMX with five years of tax return fraud. 

Not only this, but for 20 years (2000- 2020), Dark Man X had suffered through severe drug addiction that had also become life-threatening. Not only this, but one time, DMX also confirmed that he was only 12 years old when he took drugs for the first time. By the age of 14, he was on cocaine. 

Apart from this, DMX was a regular to prison due to convictions from childhood. In DMX’s words, before he really had a life, the prison was his playground. 

A Rapper who rose above his abusive childhood – that’s DMX!

For fans, it is rather heartbreaking to hear about their idols going through hard times. As glorious as DMX’s career was, his real-life story is full of miseries. According to Dark Man X’s previous interviews, he confirmed that he went through child abuse. He was only a minute old when his father left. Living with his mother, DMX had always been a target for his mother’s partner. 

DMX Movies
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His mother used to punch him for small mistakes, which is very heartbreaking to know. Such obstacles in life pushed DMX into the world of Drugs. At last, in 2021, he overdosed on cocaine unknowingly, which ended his life. 

During his time on Earth, DMX fathered 15 children. So, that’s a good thing for fans to count on. 


So, are you ready to binge-watch amazing DMX movies after this emotional motorcade? Share your binging experience with us online in the comments. For more details about your favourite American rappers, sportsmen, musicians, actors, and actresses, mark us your favourite. Thank you for having this journey with us. 


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