Do Warts Come Back After Removal Treatment?


Sydney offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. In a year, the city typically gets 236 days of sun, which means you can go canyoning, climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, kayak at Bondi Beach, parasail over Manly Beach, hang-glide at Stanwell Park, or try out the rollercoaster zip lines (yes, that is a thing). 

Because Sydney has so many tourist spots, many locals and tourists alike spend their daytime under the Australian sun, enjoying the scenes. Sydney, along with the rest of Australia, has a high rate of melanomas due to UV exposure caused by sunlight. Sunscreen can reduce the risk by 40%, and fortunately, more and more young Australian people are aware of the importance of protecting themselves. However, there is also another risk caused by direct exposure to sunlight. Various studies have shown a correlation between sunburn and warts.

Warts are not typically painful, but there is a stigma associated with this condition, especially since it can be contagious. Another concern is that they typically show up in kids, who naturally feel insecure because of these unsightly skin growths. One procedure that is proven to be very effective in treating this condition is Wart removal in Sydney. It is fast and efficient, and you can go home right away after the session.

Common warts are common for kids from ages 12 and 16 years old, although they also manifest in adults. According to the Australian Family Physician, the prevalence rate is around 7-10%. Common warts, which are caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV, are typically found on the feet, hands, face, and body. 

HPV is also the causative agent for genital warts. Fortunately, the prevalence rate has gone down by 90% in the last 10 years, based on the research by Kirby Institute.

Will My Wart Return After Treatment?

Generally, the growths will not come back after the Wart removal in Sydney.  However, one factor that could determine the success of the treatment is your immune system. 

If you have a weak immune system, chances are, warts will return. Also, if you underwent a procedure to remove genital warts, it is highly likely that they will return because, for now, there is no known cure against the virus that caused them. Another factor is they are typically found in moist areas, which promotes growth. If you have genital warts, seek professional help rather than experimenting with topical treatment. The doctor may also recommend antiviral medication to get rid of the virus.

In terms of treatment, Swift wart therapy, which you can find in a Sydney clinic, is a very effective procedure to take out warts. There is no downtime after the procedure and no home aftercare so you can go back to work after the session. The machine uses a microwave signal that penetrates the skin at a surgical depth up to the root of the wart. This ensures that the surrounding area is not affected. It also has an 83% success rate, which is one of the highest in the industry.

Boosting Your Immune System

There are some things you can do to avoid being infected with warts.

  • Make sure to keep your hands clean
  • Make sure to put a bandage on cuts and wounds
  • Avoid getting in contact with warts from others
  • Avoid biting your nails
  • Do not use dull razors

To boost your immune system after the wart removal treatment, you need to pursue a healthy lifestyle. It means that you must watch what you eat and stick to fruits, whole grains, and vegetables. Refrain from consuming sodas and alcoholic drinks. Make sure that you also get plenty of exercise. If you can’t go to the gym, make it a habit to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, for example. Finally, make sure you have enough sleep to prevent another wart breakout. 


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