Doctor Who Season 13 in the making: Release Date on Disney Plus, everything you need to know!

doctor who season 13
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Doctor Who season 13 update: Doctor Who is one of the longest-running sci-fi television programs on BBC Network. Now, all 12 seasons of Doctor Who are also available to stream on Disney Plus.

To the reader’s surprise, Doctor Who season first appeared in 1963. Its first season went on television for three years. It paraded the best-of-best performance of William Hartnell as the first doctor incarnation. Recently, released in 2020 January season 12 of the Doctor Who has achieved over 60 million views for its ten outstanding episodes. 

doctor who season 12 came out in Jan 2020
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Although the special episode of Doctor Who season 12 is due for its date announcement, the fans are already wondering when Doctor Who season 13 will come out? So, without any further ado, let’s review everything we know about the forthcoming season of Doctor Who up until now. Hold your horses because here come the chills!

What is Doctor Who season 13 release date?

Since the latest season of Doctor Who came out in January 2020, fans should not expect Doctor Who season 13 to come out anytime sooner. In late 2020, one special episode of Doctor Who season 12 will come out. It is titled “Revolution of Daleks.”

Apart from this, many fans are wondering whether or not Doctor Who will soon come out on Netflix? Well! The answer is No. Disney has no plans to drop the series after 12 outstanding seasons have been released since 2005. Therefore, Netflix is not picking up Doctor Who anytime soon. 

But, if you don’t have disney+, don’t worry! The reason being, Doctor Who all 12 seasons are now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Let’s view the latest trailer of Doctor Who season 12 and catch up on the hidden hints:

Is there a Doctor who season 13 official trailer?

No. for now, Doctor Who season 12 has come to reveal the 13th doctor only. It is Jodie Auckland Whittaker whom you must have also seen in other sci-fi films such as Venus, Wish 143, this life plus 100, and black mirror on Netflix

What is the plot of “Doctor Who”?

To begin with, Doctor Who follows the storyline of different doctors each season who time travel from Gallifrey, the planet. “The doctor” who is a time lord himself travels into time and space in Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, shortly known as the TARDIS. The TARDIS’s craftsmanship is extremely authentic.

In time and space, it shapeshifts. During several moments of urgency, The doctor lands the craft on earth in the form of a blue box. In space, the Doctor and his/her team struggle to fight the evil who desires to destroy everything for different reasons. 

Some of the very prominent villains of Doctor Who are:

  • The master
  • Cybermen
  • Daleks
  • Zygons: First appeared in 1975 in Doctor Who, Zygons built a robot monster and its army
  • The silence: The scariest monster in the history of Doctor Who with abilities to erase their memory from anyone’s mind
  • Davros
  • Weeping Angels: The Epitome of psychological tricks
  • Scaroth
  • The Beast: first appeared in 2006 Doctor Who

Who all are in the cast of Doctor Who?

doctor who all seasons now available on Amazon prime video
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Up until 2020, Doctor Who has introduced a total of 13 doctors who started their journey at the TARDIS and fought the monsters in every way possible. These doctors are played by:

  • William Henry Hartnell
  • Patrick George Troughton
  • John Devon Roland “Jon” Pertwee, died in 1996
  • Thomas Stewart Baker
  • Peter Davison
  • Colin Baker
  • Sylvester McCoy
  • Paul John McGann
  • Christopher Eccleston
  • David John Tennant
  • Matthew Robert Smith
  • Peter Dougan Capaldi
  • Jodie Auckland Whittaker

What happens in the last episode of Doctor Who season 12?

To begin with, The doctor is in the chamber. He is preparing to detonate Ashad’s remaining death particles to plot against the Master. However, Ko Sharmus takes her place as well as credit for killing the Master and twisted time lord. It is time to revisit the earth and part the ways.

Before these two could leave the space, Judoon makes an entrance and arrests the Doctor without any given reason. Hence, the Doctor is in prison now. What happens next? Stay tuned for the upcoming special episode of Doctor Who season 12. 

Till then, for the first-time viewers, check out the Doctor Who season 11 official trailer. 



In conclusion, Doctor Who season 13 will probably bring out all the previous doctors together in order to rescue Jodie Auckland Whittaker. Or, will she end up in space prison forever? In the meantime, We will find out soon. 


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