90 Days Fiance famous Sojaboy is sick | Baby Girl Lisa asks to pray for Usman

90 days fiancé

90 Days Fiance is one of the high-end Reality TV-show that brings two people together in love, that too, a stranger to each other. Without a doubt, in the meantime, a couple falls in love, the show’s fan-following also does. Thus, viewers demand every little update about their loved ones on the show. Well! The latest update speaks that Usman Umar (also known as Sojaboy) is sick. To begin with, the rumor that Usman has COVID-19 is false. As per the resources, Umar is simply sick and getting good treatment. 

For the most part, a recent Instagram story at @officialsojaboy saying “I’m seriously SICK, please I need your prayers” alarmed the fans of Usman Umar as well as Baby Girl Lisa from 90 Days Fiance´. Since the world is going through the COVID-19 pandemic, a few fans assumed that it must be CoronaVirus and thus, the rumor started spreading. Above all, Lisa Hamme also updated on her Instagram that “Yes, it is TRUE that Usman is sick. And all prayers are welcomed by God’s grace he will be fine!!! Feel better my Soja Luv.” 

Although, even in this post officially updated by Lisa, there is no hint of COVID-19. Hence, the idea is clear that Sojaboy does not have coronavirus. Furthermore, let’s know more about the couple on the show. Here is cross ring

before the 90 days

90 Days Fiance : Before the 90 Days

90 Days Fiance is a tv-show that revolves around the concept of dating beyond the country-barriers. To begin with, in this show, non-American women get 90 days Visa called K-1 Visa. This visa allows them to visit the UK, meet the man in real life that they have been dating, and further marry within 90 days. The concept sounds easy, doesn’t it?

However, not everything is romantic about this show. To be honest, there is a lot of drama on the show that you can imagine. Of course, if it is real, there are going to be both romanized as well as the dark sides of every couple. 

Who are Usman and Lisa?

Usman and Lisa are an international couple who met for the first time in the 4th season of Before the 90 days. But, what fans still question today is “Are Usman and Lisa still together?” first of all, why such high-level curiosity in this one couple. Let’s find out:

Well! On the television, Usman and Lisa become famous for their twisted relationship and time-to-time complications. To begin with, Usman Umar is a 30-year-old man originally from Nigeria. On the other hand, Lisa is a 51-year-old American woman. The followers of the show 90 Days Fiance´ highly criticized the couple on Instagram due to such an age-barrier. 

Apart from this, by following their relationship on television for a week or so, fans come to the conclusion that Lisa seems highly controlling and the relationship does not work like that. This opinion has become trending on twitter for the time being. However, all goes well until 2 people are in love, right?

90 days

But, in February 2020, Lisa retracted the love factor from their relationship as she changed her relationship status to “Single.” Once again, curiosity got in the way. To summarize, Soulja Boy and baby girl Lisa become famous for all the false reasons and differences of opinions. However, Lisa’s constant hustle to prove Soja Boy’s character as a playboy seems to dig the hole in the heart of the relationship.

Above all, it also seems like Lisa Hamme is going through some very intense insecurity issues. Of course, judgment is pretty blunt here, but, the world says what reality shows parade on the screen. 

Are Usman and Lisa still together?

According to the recent posts on Instagram, it appears like both are still together. But, you will never know where this relationship will take the next twist until the next episode of 90 Days Fiance. Well! Here’s a spoiler alert for you: some prominent resources speak that after marrying each other, Usman and Lisa also divorced. Yet, the internet is a strange place.

days before tv show

Thus, for now, you can find peace in the fact that Usman Umar does not COVID-19 and will be well soon. Until then, wait for our next update on 90 Days Fiance´. Furthermore, watch 90 Days Fiance: Before the 90 Days next episode on TLC on upcoming Sunday at 8 p.m. (26 April 2020).



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