Protect Your Power: Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Solar Panels?

Solar Panels

Almost half of US homeowners who don’t already have solar power are considering going solar. As solar power becomes more popular and more affordable, it becomes an increasingly enticing option.

However, a few things may give you pause before you install solar panels on your property. Many homeowners have questions about solar panel costs, but also about the cost of solar panel maintenance.

One question, in particular, stands out: does homeowners insurance cover solar panels? If so, making the shift to solar energy could be far more accessible and secure.

The simple answer is “yes.” Read on to find out more about solar panels and homeowners insurance coverage.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Solar Panels Already?

After working with great solar panel contractors like Blue Raven Solar installers, you want to know what kinds of protection you have for your solar panels. In some cases, your solar panel warranty can come in handy. However, warranties don’t cover all types of damage.

Will you need to take out an additional insurance policy for your solar panels? Probably not. Most homeowners insurance policies consider solar panels a permanent fixture on your property and therefore, provide some amount of coverage, already.

How Much Coverage Can You Get for Your Solar Panels?

Oftentimes, homeowners insurance enforces a claim limit for structures that are separate from the house, like a shed or detached garage. This claim limit tends to max out at around 10% of your claim limit for attached structures. Where do solar panels fit into this?

At this time, most homeowners insurance does not enforce a low claim limit for solar panels. This is great news because it means that you could receive ample coverage for solar panel replacement or repairs! However, it is important to take a look at the fine print of your policy to see if a claim limit is outlined for solar panels.

Are There Other Limitations to Solar Panel Coverage?

If you’ve ever filed a homeowners insurance claim, you probably know that your policy may only cover certain types of damage. For example, some policies will cover flooding caused by damaged plumbing but not by natural disasters. Others may cover roof damage caused by hail but not by wind.

Once again, the best thing to do is take a closer look at the fine print of your policy. The limitations that apply to things like your roof or separate structures may apply. If necessary, take out additional coverage to protect your solar panels from common weather-related issues in your area.

Get the Protection You Need for Your Solar Panels

Before you install solar panels, you probably want to verify: does homeowners insurance cover solar panels? Most of the time, the answer is yes. To understand exactly how this coverage works, look at your policy or contact your insurance company.

Want to find out more about the protection your insurance can provide? Take a look at our insurance section to read up on all types of insurance, from health to business and beyond.


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