Donald Trump Calls Out John Legend and ‘His Filthy Mouthed Wife,’ Chrissy Teigen Responds Back


We all love a good Chrissy Teigen come back but it’s especially better when it’s made out to yet another one of Donald Trump’s unnecessary comments. The model, cookbook author, and TV personality fired back at Trump for referring to her as filthy-mouthed and her husband singer John Legend as boring. Adding to his uncalled for on the popular microblogging site, Trump definitely picked a fight with the wrong couple and here for the entire world to see, lay the insights of the story. 

Not today, they said 

President Trump called the model Chrissy Teigen “filthy-mouthed” and the musician John Legend “boring” in tweets on Sunday night that trumpeted the president’s achievements in criminal justice reform, prompting them to fire back. The model hiding no secret of her disdain for Trump, continuously shares her point of view of each and every one of his absurd policies and it was no different this time. 

Donald Trump Calls Out John Legend and 'His Filthy Mouthed Wife,' Chrissy Teigen Responds Back
Donald Trump Calls Out John Legend and ‘His Filthy Mouthed Wife,’ Chrissy Teigen Responds Back

Words have consequences 

The exchange of comments captured the type of vitriol that Teigen, and not to mention other less famous women, often faces on social media. In fact, almost all of Trump’s critics were quick to note that he has a pattern of attacking women of color in particular from his condescending language shown particularly towards black women of color. In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, we’re referring to the time he was widely told four Democratic congresswomen of color to “go back” to “the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.” His words, not ours. 

A self-explanatory growing base 

Teigen’s feisty comebacks have earned her a perpetually growing fan base, which on Monday included just about every late-night host. Trevor Noah gleefully repeated the model’s rare triple-expletive for Trump, noting that the profanity had presented a challenge for cable news stations. 


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