Doom Eternal” Release Postpones to 2020: Here’s what happened


Doom Eternal—the highly predicted sequel to the hell-shooter sequel  2016 reboot—has evacuated our list of most foreseen games of 2019.

On Tuesday dawn, game creator Bethesda declared that Doom Eternal needs some more four months in the cooker. That means it will inaugurate on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on the date of March 20, 2020.

That list of supported strategies is missing aa huge name: Nintendo Switch.

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Tuesday’s wait includes an additional, endless delay of the series’ port to Nintendo’s softer console, thus smashing the developer’s original pledge that Switches buyers would earn to rip and rip into Doom Eternal the similar day as everyone else.

“We will declare [the Switch port’s] date in the destiny,” the firm’s statement vaguely examines.

Doom Eternal" Release Postpones to 2020: Here's what happened
Doom Eternal” Release Postpones to 2020: Here’s what happened

Publisher Bethesda took the chance to delay another similar game out of November 2019, too: Doom 64.

This first-ever refuge of the 1997 shooter onto non-N64 platforms is still arriving at PC and modern platforms, Bethesda tells, but it, too, will inaugurate on March 20, 2020. Now, at least, that port will evolve for a free pre-order bonus for consumers of Doom Eternal.

But we are not sure why Bethesda and id Software could not get Doom 64 ready by this vacay season to tide series enthusiasts over during the bigger game’s wait.

(In the meanwhile, if you acquire a legitimate copy of the N64 original, we indicate ripping its files and inaugurating them on PC via the tremendous Doom 64 EX mod.)

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The extent of the delay seems significant, as the entire game would not even be ready by March 2020, as per today’s statement.

The new game’s “Invasion Mode,” which allows online players to become the terrible guys in other real players’ single-player crusades, will be delayed as “a free update shortly after the inauguration.” id Software is no telling exactly how “limited” that will be.


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