Drive or Fly? 8 Reasons Why Road Trips Are Better

road trips

The feeling of the upcoming trip pleases even on gloomy days. We look forward to a trip with family or friends and make the most ambitious plans. And one of the important aspects of organizing a trip is choosing the right transport. 

Let’s imagine you want to have a family journey from Las Vegas to San Francisco. While some people choose flight as the fastest way to move, seasoned travelers prefer a rental car, and they are right! 

Indeed, it’s a great idea to pick up cheap minivan rental Las Vegas to San Francisco while enjoying the incredible sights along the way! This is not just a trip from point A to point B but a real road adventure full of vivid emotions. 

However, a rental car is a good way to travel not only for this occasion. You will find at least 8 reasons why road trips are generally better than flights…

A significant advantage of a rental car over a plane is a convenient way to get where you need to without waiting for the next flight or refueling the plane. After all, often the flight to the desired place is not direct. 

The car gives you a chance to visit any new city along the way, and at the same time, it’s a comfortable way to get to your vacation spot without annoying nuances. Also, a great advantage of the car is the freedom from the schedule, which means you shouldn’t worry about being late for check-in or boarding.

  • Saving money 

Despite the affordable prices for domestic flights in the United States, traveling by rental car is much cheaper. This is especially true on a group trip when you can split the expenses. Plus, we’re only talking about the net cost of the ticket. If you add baggage fees, flight insurance, and airport transfer costs, the price of the flight goes even higher.

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When it comes to a car, the main expense item on a road trip is fuel. Today, with special apps like GasBuddy, you can find cheap gas stations along your planned route. This will make your trip even more profitable.

  • More baggage 

Traveling in a rental car provides a convenient opportunity to take any equipment with you. At the same time, there’s no need to carry suitcases and bags in case of connecting flights. And you shouldn’t wait for baggage claim after arriving in another city or country

Of course, traveling by car poses a different challenge: how to transport things so that everyone feels comfortable? Thanks to the roof rack, you can take everything you need and comfortably accommodate passengers in the cabin. Another great solution is to travel in a larger vehicle. Even if you own a compact car, you can always rent a car with a large trunk wherever you go.

  • Having fun with loved ones 

The absence of extraneous companions doesn’t guarantee that there will be no unpleasant moments on the road. However, if going on a road trip with loved ones, you will easily and quickly cope with all possible difficulties. 

Even if one of the passengers wants to listen to music at a high volume or suddenly gets tired of the trip, you will find a general solution that will suit everyone.

  • Hobby for any taste 

When traveling by car, you have no restrictions on what to take with you: from snacks to accessories for a hobby. Take original games, as well as fishing, mountaineering, video filming, or extreme cycling equipment in your car. Today, the automotive market offers practical and convenient fastening options for transporting any equipment.

  • Traveling without fear 

The fear of boarding an aircraft and, moreover, of being in the air, fetters a great percentage of the world’s population. Experts insist that aerophobia has nothing to do with the risks of flights. However, this irrational fear causes discomfort. In addition, the use of various sedatives is among the well-known methods of combating aerophobia. 

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Unfortunately, this way is not acceptable for those who are categorical about taking medications. So, traveling by car is a suitable alternative – it will make life easier for those with aerophobia.

  • Scenic route and the ability to change plans 

It’s not a problem to change the route at any time for road travelers. On the way, you can add unique objects to the list of locations or stop at some interesting place. 

You won’t be stopped by the hotel booking and expensive flight ticket, which means you can quickly change the route or go back without losing money. Outdoor enthusiasts should keep in mind another advantage: a road trip allows spending the night at the campsite. Plus, many of them offer attractive extras such as free Internet access, a mini-golf course, or a swimming pool.

  • Less stress on the body 

A long flight, like a long car trip, has a detrimental effect on our perception and state. However, there’s a big difference in solving the problem. On the plane, you can’t often go out to warm up because of the passengers nearby. Moreover, the passage in the cabin is only a narrow space, and it’s possible to cause inconvenience to other passengers. 

Conversely, driving a car allows you to stop, exercise, and distract yourself at any time. This increases the comfort of all participants on the trip.


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