Drone Remote Control Benefits from LoRa Technology

LoRa Technology

LoRa stands for Long-Range. It’s a perfect technology for long-range communication because of its low cost and low power consumption. Due to these features, it’s used in many industries, such as search and rescue operations, utility management, agriculture, and smart buildings.

We’ll discuss the benefits of long-range communication in all these industries. Moreover, in this article, we’ll focus on how LoRa technology benefits the drone industry. 

Benefits of Long-Range Communication in Different Industries

LoRa Design Services can change almost all fields of life. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of LoRa in different industries:


Military forces can use LoRa technology to communicate with their soldiers. They use LoRa because it works best in areas where other technologies don’t work. Defense industries can use it to track the movements of enemies, monitor the health of soldiers, and track vehicles. 

Utility Management

Municipal committees and individuals can use this technology to detect gas and water leakages. As a result, they can save natural resources, minimize their carbon footprint, and reduce utility bills. Meter readers can use LoRa-based devices to take readings at places that they can’t reach physically. 


LoRa-based sensors can monitor the soil humidity and ensure that water is distributed evenly throughout the fields. Moreover, farmers can use it to detect electricity shocks. Electricity leakage can result in milk reduction in animals. 

Drones can help monitor a specific area, so you don’t have to walk through the whole area. Therefore, LoRa technology can work best in the agriculture industry as well. 

 LoRa Technology

Search and Rescue Operations

GPS tracking is another useful feature of LoRa technology. Therefore, if someone is lost in forests or woods, they can be traced with LoRa GPS tracking. Due to its long-range coverage and communication, it works best in these areas. Military and police can also use this technology to identify any threats. 

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Smart Buildings

LoRa technology in smart buildings can help to monitor gas and fire leakage. This technology can help in the automatic door lock system. With this technology, homeowners can detect water flow and leakage and take timely actions to reduce their utility bills. 

Other applications of LoRa technology are in construction, insurance claims, smart cities, private messaging, pet tracking, and many others. 

Drones and LoRa Technology

Drones have gained massive popularity in recent years. Therefore, companies and individuals have started using it for various tasks. For example, they use drones for end-to-end package delivery tools.

They significantly reduce the delivery time. As drones provide power to the flight controller, communications systems, and motors, they consume high battery power. 

Some drones lack communication systems. Therefore, they aren’t used for long-range communication. As a result, they preserve power consumption. Therefore, it’s a major challenge for drone companies to develop a long-range communication system that doesn’t consume much power. 

But LoRa technology is the perfect fit because of its power efficiency. LoRa is intended for wide-area networking. Therefore, it’s an excellent option for drone delivery applications.

But the drawback of LoRa technology is it can’t be used for heavy applications. LoRaWAN protocol is effective where data is shared in bytes. 

If the hardware is implemented properly, it provides up to 8 km coverage in urban areas. It means it’s a perfect option if it’s used as a secondary communication mode for drone delivery systems. 

How Does the Long Range Communication Feature of LoRa Benefit Drone Technology? 

When drones and LoRa technologies are combined, they provide the following benefits:

It Makes Inspections More Efficient 

Drones can be used in different industries for inspection purposes, such as disaster management, plumbing, roofing, mapping, engineering, and others. Police can use it to make situations safer than before. As mentioned earlier, LoRa technology can be used in search and rescue operations, so when it’s used in drones, it makes inspection easier for police. 

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Plumbers can use drones to inspect areas that are high and pose a risk. Engineers can get real-time data with the drone and LoRa technology to make accurate calculations. Similarly, drones and LoRa can help management to manage disasters safely. 

Makes Delivery Easier

Now people are using drones to deliver letters and pizzas. Nowadays, drones have the capacity to hold parcels. Major online stores are using this technology for delivering products. Moreover, the long-range capabilities of LoRa help companies track the location of the parcel. 

Emergency Response Becomes Efficient 

Healthcare professionals use drones to provide emergency responses to patients. For example, rescue operations require professionals to arrive quickly. Therefore, with drones, it’s possible to deliver relief goods quickly. Moreover, it’s possible to deliver first aid kits, blood donations, and other life-saving items quickly. 

Military Applications

Drones and LoRa technology can be used together in military and defense applications. For example, armed forces can use them to detect bombs, spying enemies, and air strikes. The benefits of using drones in the military are to keep a country and its people safe. 

Great for Personal Use

Travelers and photographers can use drones to capture the best photos and videos. With drones, you can take a photo from different angles. Some drones can be connected to your mobile phones. It means you can customize lots of things to capture perfect shots. 

After reading about these benefits, one thing is clear in the future; drones will make complex tasks easier. Moreover, they’ll be used in many other industries. 


In the end, we can conclude that drones and LoRa technology have changed the dimensions of life. So if you want to use drones for delivery, photo capture, or any other task and need help with LoRa services, you can hire Arshon Technology

We can provide LoRa technology services and help design applications that can be used for long-range communication. So, contact us today and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.  

Author: Anna Mohammadlou IoT Hardware Designer at Arshon Technology Inc.



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