Dwayne Johnson opens up about friendship with late Paul Walker “I bonded over our daughters”


For all the fans of Dwayne Jonson we know what kind of a closed person he is, nobody has ever talked saw him talk about his emotional being much unlike many of his colleagues.
Until recently…
The actor is made quiet an exception to talk about his late friend, actor Walker.

Walker, who we lost in a car crash at 40 in November 2013, featured alongside Johnson in quite a number of Fast & Furious movies before Walker’s untimely and well…sudden, demise.

To commemorate what would have been the actor’s 46th birthday last Thursday, Johnson decided to throw some to light on about their bond in a rare post about his co-star and of course close friend.

Dwayne Johnson opens up about friendship with late Paul Walker "I bonded over our daughters"

In the post, the actor remarked about how he never posts about any of his friends.
“personal issue, but I prefer to keep our memories and bond private and quiet.
But one thing concerning these days compelled me as a moving reminder of however fragile life is for all people,” Johnson’s post said

“It’s Paul’s birthday and truly thus, his legacy celebrated around the world.” His post read.
“ Our relationship was protected over our daughters, Meadow & Simone and the pride and possession we took being their fathers.”

Johnson added how he recently got really scared when he almost lost another friend on the road, referring to the scary car crash that left pal Kevin Heart Who had “major back injuries” that needed surgery, according to multiple reports.

“All these items got Pine Tree State considering however lovely, yet wildly unpredictable life is.

We all never get to know what’s around the corner, so we got to live as greatly as we can in the honor of our loved ones and ancestors who are no longer with the United States of America,” he told his social media followers

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow was only 15 back when Walker died and it was reported was thrashed the most by the unfortunate event, Medlow now is 21, while Johnson’s daughter Simone is now 18.

Let just say times stops for none, even the dead.


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