Earwig and The Witch Release Date, Plot Details, Official Trailer, and Much More!

Earwig and the witch
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Are you craving a brand-new animation film? Well! You will soon get a treat of the world-class entertainment as one of the most-awaited Japanese computer-animated movies is on the line for release this year. That’s right! Earwig and The Witch, which has been in the talks for quite some time, is finally coming out soon. 

This film has written by Hayao Miyazaki, who leads the Japanese manga industry as the best comic artist. Moreover, behind the direction of Earwig and The Witch, Gorō Miyazaki, the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, receives the credit. For the most part, earlier, Earwig and The Witch release date had set for the premiere of the Cannes Film Festival 2020. However, due to COVID-19 widespread, neither the ceremony took place nor the film’s launch. But, don’t get your hopes down because, by the end of 2020, Earwig and The Witch will premiere on NHK Network

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Today in this reading, we present some top-notch details about the upcoming Japanese animation film called Earwig and The Witch. Thus, join us on this journey of the film’s creation. 

What is the Earwig and The Witch Release Date 2020?

As mentioned before, the film got canceled last time due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, since the epidemic situation is in control at a mild level, Earwig and The Witch’s release has been set for December 2020 in Japan. The exact date is not out yet. For North American viewers, Earwig and The Witch release date will be set for some month in 2021, perhaps early. 

Till then, let’s check out the official trailer for this upcoming film:

About the Plot

To begin with, Earwig and The Witch movie is based on Diana Wynne Jones’s novel of the same name. Indeed, in the past, Hayao Miyazaki has also taken inspiration from Diana’s previous novels to write Howl’s, Moving Castle. To the reader’s surprise, Studio Ghibli brings its audience the treasure of entertainment by putting forward the best-of-best adventure that has even been written. 

Moving on to the plot… Earwig and The Witch, as the name suggests, follows the storyline of a young girl. She is an orphan and has resided in an orphanage for as long as she could remember. In the movie, the mother abandons the child when she is very, very young. Thus, in every situation that comes along, the young girl feels all by herself. But one day, her life changes completely when a witch adopts her. She moves to the witch’s home, which is full of magic. Although, the young girl never wanted to live with the selfish witch. However, later on, she realized that her mother had a superpower, and so does she. 

earwig and the witch
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To the reader’s surprise, the director of Earwig and the Witch aspire that this movie will bring many ways for kids to deal with adults nowadays. According to him, there are more adults in Japan than kids, and it’s always about adults. How do they keep forcing their power on the kids? Hence, somewhere, the film stays related in an indirect way to the intended viewers. 

Above all, it is an adventurous movie with an amazing reel of dialogues and adventure. So, don’t miss it!


So, are you ready to join-in Earwig on her adventure to defeat the selfish witchy-witch? Get ready because this Winter season in Japan, the NHK network will proudly play Earwig and The Witch for your entertainment. For more information, connect with us online—cast information: updating soon. Thus, stay tuned!


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