Easy Way of Earning Money by Playing Fantasy Cricket


Have you just installed the fantasy cricket app? Welcome to the fantasy cricket world. If you are wondering how those apps work and finding an easy way of earning money, you have come to the right place. We will leave no stone unturned to explain how most fantasy cricket apps can work. 

Fantasy cricket has gained massive popularity because of its craze. Use the hacks mentioned below to beat your opponents in the contest.

Three things to apply while playing fantasy cricket:

You should remember three vital things while playing fantasy cricket, and those are:

  1. Select an upcoming match and create a team of 11 promising players from both teams.
  2. Join some contests using your team after depositing the amount.
  3. Once the match starts, track your contest leaderboard and see if your team wins.

Tip 1: Use the app that allows virtual team modification after the toss

Most Fantasy Cricket apps close the contest entries 1 hour before the official match time starts. So, you should avoid playing the XI of both teams. Since the toss is usually done only 30 minutes before the start time, you will get more chances to predict the best players. So, try apps that allow you to modify your team till the match starts. You will know which team will bat first only after the toss. Based on this, you can guess the bowlers and opening players’ to select the best combination of players.

Tip 2: Join confirmed contests, no matter how small it is

If you are willing to join a large tournament with more than 10,000 members, the likelihood of reaching Rank 1 and thereby winning that massive amount is very low. Therefore, try winning small contests with 10 or 20 members to win quick money with more chances. It is simpler to beat nine other members compared to 9,999 other members. 

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So, check whether the contest is confirmed. This way, it will run even if it does not happen.

Tip 3: Understand the points system

All Fantasy Cricket apps have different point structures. But only some give more points to batting points such as the fifties, runs, and more. Some ensure more weightage to bowling points like maiden overs, wickets, and more. 

Some apps give a balanced points system between bowling, batting, and fielding. On the other hand, apps provide different points for T20, ODI, and Test matches. Choose appropriate players depending on the game and the app’s point’s structure.

Tip 4: Choose your star players judiciously

Most apps allow the players to mark two players as Captain and Vice-Captain. If a regular player can score 10 points, the same player, if marked as captain, will get two times that is 20 points. On the other hand, a vice captain gets 1.5 times which is 15 points. Thus, think a lot before marking a player as vice-captain or captain. Do check the recent performances of these players before deciding the final decision. You can select 3-star players: Gold (1.5x points), Silver (1.25x points), and Platinum (2x points).

Tip 5: Refer & Earn More

All gaming apps offer a referral program. Some give a flat referral bonus of ₹50 for you and your pal when they join the app. It offers a better referral program by giving you a lucrative amount each month based on your friends’ participation in the app. Share the referral link in your blog through your YouTube Channel, Instagram profile, or Facebook Profile. You will get free money as your friends join the app and start playing. Remember, no better way is there to earn money than playing.

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How To Play Online Cricket?

Online cricket is good entertainment where players can play the most exciting matches indoors simply by downloading them on their phone or PC. The best part of the game is that you can play it with your friends at your convenience. The multiplayer cricket games include great features, HD graphics, and small size.

Why Should You Start Playing Fantasy Cricket?

It’s unequivocally true that the recent Covid 19 pandemic and the new trend of work-from-home culture have made people home-centric. In such a monotonous life, digital transformation has worked positively in our rescue. Online games are one such mode of entertainment.  

The fantasy cricket platform is reliable, with a user-friendly procedure and easy-to-play events. Moreover, it also takes care of all the safety regulations without breaching data privacy for the players.

With millions of users and winnings of cash prizes up to 10 crore regularly, you can enjoy the recourse to become a real master of online games.

Here’s why fantasy cricket apps are reliable to play games online,

  1. High-end payment security
  2. Quick matchmaking
  3. Real cash prize win
  4. Responsible Gaming
  5. Great experience
  6. Fair play policy
  7. Dedicated customer support
  8. Fastest and instant withdrawal
  9. Proper payment method 

Key Takeaway 

Fantasy sports require considerable skill and judgment. Therefore, it has a legitimate status. The success of fantasy games depends on the user’s attention, knowledge, and execution. As a result, success in fantasy cricket does not depend on probability.

While fantasy cricket is a hobby for most, it can also be a legal way of making money. Fantasy sports allow its players to earn and win the cash prize. 

You only have to gain victory through various winning contests. The stronger your team, the more likely you are to win. Moreover, this prize money can add up throughout the season.


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