6 Easy ways to improve call quality in your home

call quality

Although many of us may not enjoy talking on calls, often, you’re expected to do it. Whether it’s for work purposes or simply calling your friends and relatives, you need a strong reliable connection. While your call quality may be decent when you’re outdoors, it’s usually not the same when you’re at home.

So, how do you improve your call quality at home? How do you ensure that there are minimal to no call drops when you’re talking to an important client or in the middle of an interesting conversation with your friends? Simple, by strengthening the signal received within your house.

Check out these 6 easy ways to make sure that your handset is catching the best signal to improve your call quality at home:

  1. Ensure your handset is in the best condition

You might not know it at the moment, but if you’re someone who constantly drops their phone, there’s a high chance your phone might have been slightly damaged. And if the internal antenna is ravaged, it will significantly impact the quality of the cell service that you receive.

Just take off your case and check for any dents. If you want to be extra sure, take it to the service centre and they can run a diagnostic test on your phone to confirm that everything is working properly, or maybe even fix issues if any.

  1. Use high-quality headsets/earbuds

Now that you’ve ensured your handset works properly, let’s move on to making sure that you and the person on the other line can hear each other clearly. Simply use some high-quality headsets or earbuds that reduce the background noise for better call quality at home.

This is beneficial especially when your family is talking to each other while you’re on call. So, the next time your boss calls at home or you want to talk to your friends for hours without being disturbed, try using some high-quality headsets and your call quality will improve instantly.

  1. Complete regular software updates
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A phone’s software is as important as its hardware. And to ensure that your phone functions to its optimum capacity and catches strong signals, it is imperative that you keep your phone’s operating system updated. This might affect your phone’s performance not only at home but outdoors as well.

So, if you want to use your phone to its maximum potential, get that software update installed today. This will make sure that your phone catches a strong signal for a better and improved call quality at home.

  1. Upgrade to a 4G/5G phone

If none of the above tips helped in improving your call quality at home, then it might be time to get a new phone. If you use a very old phone, specifically one that only supports 3G and not LTE, it might help you to upgrade your phone. You might even try your hands on the new 5G phones launching in the market.

This will not only improve your voice calls, but also give you boosted data speed. This happens because you will now be able to take advantage of high-speed data over LTE and voice over LTE (VoLTE), to name a few. And if you think long-term, investing in a good quality 4G/5G phone is always a wise decision. You won’t even have to worry about low-quality calls or call-dropping for a long time.

  1. Switch to a faster network provider

Even now if your phone is not able to catch strong signals, it’s probably because of your network provider. Either you don’t have a strong cell tower nearby, or the tower in your area is way too congested to give your strong signals.

This is especially possible if you stay in a rented room and switch around often. In many areas, the signal strength isn’t as good inside the house as it is outdoors. In this case, you can try asking around your friends or neighbours to know which service provider offers the best network in your area.

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You can also switch to a service provider that you’ve heard provides the strongest network and best service anywhere in the country. For us, this was Airtel. So, we quickly switched from our previous network provider to Airtel. With the Airtel easy mobile recharge plans, all we had to do was choose from the best Airtel Prepaid plans in India and start experiencing high-quality calling, within our homes too.

  1. Use Wi-Fi calling wherever possible

The introduction of Wi-Fi calling has completely changed the way we look at calls. There are some areas in our country, remote and otherwise, which do not provide good indoor coverage, no matter which network you use. In such cases, the only option that can improve your call quality is the use of Wi-Fi calling.

Even though we got a much better coverage after switching to Airtel, we still wanted to try out Wi-Fi calling for its superior indoor coverage. And gladly enough for us, Airtel 4G sim supports Wi-Fi calling at no additional charges. All we had to do was make sure we had a Wi-Fi Calling capable handset and an Airtel 4G sim.

Now, if you’re wondering how to get Wi-Fi Calling on your phone, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the latest software update on your phone
  2. Switch ON “VoLTE”
  3. Now switch ON “Wi-Fi Calling”

That’s it, you can enjoy crystal clear calls anywhere in India using Wi-Fi calling when you’re within the range of the Wi-Fi and using 4G calling when you’re away from the router.

These were some easy tips and tricks we used to get the best out of our prepaid sim for improved call quality. And if you ask us, we’ll surely suggest you switch to Airtel to avail one of the strongest networks in the country while choosing from one of the best Airtel Prepaid plans in India. Because, keeping everything aside, a good network provider will automatically aid in getting better and improved call quality.


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