Eight Places to Graze, Gaze and Shop During London Fashion Week


Fashion is definitely something that grabs attention all of a sudden with its charm. Fashion is a grand thing but too much of anything can bore you with a monotonous tone! After all, who breathes only on fashion? You need more! All of us do! Leisure activities, food and relaxing are important too! You should have knowledge about what to do in London and where to cool yourself down while you are there for London Fashion Week.

Here are some fun things to do while you have your time off from the London Fashion Week.

Harry Potter walking tour: Don’t tell me that you are in London and you are not going to visit the land of magic and mystery! Get to witness the real Diagon alley along with many more magical places in the Kings Cross Street.


Eight Places to Graze, Gaze and Shop During London Fashion Week

Tower of London: Are you going to miss one of the best sights to behold? I bet not! Witness the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Treasure Hunt: The perfect thing for adventure-loving beings! Perfect for couples and friends, visit and get involved in an adventurous journey.

Borough Market: A spot for food lovers! A short walk from the great Big Ben offers you to a market full of food!

Windsor Castle: Just visit and behold the beauty of the remarkably best-built castle in London.

Enjoy the nightlife: You are in London and you don’t get to enjoy the nightlife? Not fair! The clubs and bars offer you a great place to party overnight.

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Big Ben: It might not really be boring to get to typical tourist attractions. Enjoy the famous site in London!

The London Eye: While we are at it, why not enjoy the breathtaking beauty of London? Climb up on the Ferris wheel and go on a ride to London from the top!


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