Elaboration Secrets of Slots: How Gambling Content is Created

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There are more than 150 software providers on the market. Thanks to the active growth of the internet gambling industry, almost every single one finds a target audience.

Let us analyse the process of casino game development and see how come the demand for these services keeps growing.

Idea Creation

For ensuring the success of the concept, the programming part is preceded by research, analysis of the niche, and planning.

Developers tend to use a particular sequence of actions at the initial stage:

  1. Creation of a central idea (the theme of the slot).
  2. Consideration of functionality and features (number of reels, paylines, bonus rounds).
  3. Integration of technologies (regular simulation, VR implementation, etc.).

A systematic approach helps set up a steady stream of slots. At the same time, it is essential to keep content unique to avoid duplication and similar issues so hated by players.

Market Research

Once ideas are selected, they are tested for potential success with a few popular tools:

  • Questback. It tracks players’ preferences and helps identify current trends. Information is collected mainly through social networks.
  • Loop11. The usability testing system evaluates the convenience of the interface. It is possible to run it on any site, even the competitors’ ones.
  • Social Mention. The tool is designed to track trends and determine the key topics on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Freelunch. The tool is designed to collect financial, economic and statistical data from as many open sources as possible.
  • Survey Monkey. A popular poll-maker tool helps find out how interesting the potential slot is for the target audience.
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Shaping up a Prototype

After analysing the beneficial nature of the concept, the project is moved to the development stage, where programmers use dedicated software:

  • Framer. Designing HTML5-based environments is not a problem with this unsophisticated instrument.
  • Marvel. The animation creation software supports JPEG, GIF, PSD, and other popular visual formats.
  • InVision. A competitive alternative to Marvel is particularly good for designers who are used to working with Photoshop.
  • Proto.io. Gaming interfaces are easily created within this environment with almost no programming skills due to straightforward functionality.
  • Unity. A renowned engine is used in elaborating not only slots but also mobile apps and computer games.

Coding Stage

For developing fully functional gambling content, specialists should know the latest programming languages, with the most popular ones being:

  • HTML5. With the end of the Flash era, it became the main pillar in gambling entertainment development.
  • Angular. An open-source platform for creating single-page apps (SPA).
  • NodeJS. The software for dealing with the server part is responsible for computing, functions, estimation, etc.
  • Vue.js. A popular program also helps create SPAs and supports additional features.
  • MongoDB. An extensive database for processing information on online games to develop machine learning protocols and enhance AI.

Period of Trials

The written code has thousands of symbols that can contain errors. To eliminate all mismatching programming pieces, it is necessary to refine the slot.

A typical strategy used to perform testing effectively:

  1. Combinatorial. The game is launched dozens of times with distinct configurations.
  2. Functional. Transactional tools are checked with depositing and withdrawal functionality.
  3. Crossplatformity. Forcing the slot on a desktop, mobile, tablet, and more gadgets ensures its flawless running.
  4. Regression. Starting over the trial process in case bugs have been revealed or a game was redone prepares the build for the final release.
  5. Loading. Checking the infrastructure and resilience of the slot in the conditions of running from hundreds of gadgets simultaneously gets it ready for the real setting.
  6. Pre-release. Final assessments are conducted and first impressions from closed or open testing are received.
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The duration of the development varies on the complexity of the software. It can take just a few months to assemble a simple slot. If something more in-depth is elaborated, the process can last around a year with a large group of experts involved.

Professional Elaboration

Operators of gambling platforms usually seek reliable providers of gaming content. Such companies have huge libraries of entertainment, relevant for all regions worldwide.

Rosloto is an accomplished aggregator studio, consolidating the majority of top software suppliers. Operators can choose different games from distinct manufacturers and have no worries about the complexities of collaborating with separate brands.

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