Electronic-cigs may Damage the heart Crucially : Finds study

Electronic-cigs may Damage the heart Crucially : Finds study
Electronic-cigs may Damage the heart Crucially : Finds study

A study recently published in the journal Cardiovascular Research links vaping devices or e-cigs with cardiovascular injuries and diseases.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently revealed vaping links to lung injuries outbreak recently. This study only points out the same thing confirming the facts.

The senior author of the study, from Ohio State University, Loren Wold pointed out that the common belief that the vaping devices only contain water vapor which is absolutely harmless is false.

E-cigarettes, along with having water vapor, also contain flavors, nicotine, metal and particulate matter.

Electronic-cigs may Damage the heart Crucially : Finds study
Electronic-cigs may Damage the heart Crucially: Finds study

The device that is excessively popular among teens and was once known to be an effective way to stop smoking has now become the cause of damage to the Cardiovascular system of the body.

Various data for vaping devices have pointed out that the particulate matter causing air pollution from the e-cigs directly has bad effects on the heart. These particles are also known to cause hypertension, thrombosis and increase coronary heart disease.

While nicotine increases heart rate and blood pressure, other things in the vaping device lead to oxidative stress, unstable blood flow, and inflammation. Another experiment with rodents has confirmed the presence of formaldehyde in vaping devices that have been proven to be a cancer-causing agent.

Wold and other scientists of the team, has indicated the flavoring agents present in the vaping devices to be safe when taken orally. Its effects when inhaled has not been known much.

The users of vapers have increased from 7 to 41 million in 7 years. The number of users in teens and preteens has only been doubling with the years.

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37 cases of deaths and 1900 cases of lung injury have been reported across 24 states in the US that have been related to vaping devices.

The researchers note that despite there being studies on e-cigarettes, they have all been focusing on the acute effects instead of the risks involved with chronic use. There is also very little data on the effects of passive vaping.

Researchers fear that though adults are realizing now that less knowledge about the effects of a device is dangerous, adolescents still seem unaffected.



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