Emilie Livingston: Everything you need to know about Jeff Goldblum’s Canadian Wife

Emilie Livingston
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Thirty-eight years old, Emilie Livingston is sustaining a beautiful lifetime with Jeff Goldblum or better called “Jeffery.” To begin with, Jeff Goldblum is one of the elite actors in Hollywood whom you may recognize from Jurassic Park, The Fly, Independence Day, and Into The Night. It is rather surprising to figure out how Emilie Livingston landed an amazing man like Jeff. For the most part, Emilie is a Canadian Dancer. Henceforth, the potential of her meeting Jeff at some point in Hollywood is high. But, what’s the truth? 

Source: PopSugar

To resolve this mystery for you, we bring out top facts about Emilie Livingston and her better half Jeff Goldblum. Let’s begin: 

#1: The Couple overcome the taboo together

In this new world, having an age up (maximum ten years) is not a big deal. However, when this gap increases up to 30 years, what are the chances that the world won’t point fingers? Something like that happened to Emilie Livings, who married 30 years older Jeffery in 2014. In the given year, Emilie was only 31 years old, whereas Jeff was 61. However, to overcome this taboo, Livings often makes red carpet appearances with him. 

Now that the fire of this issue has calmed down, the couple is planning to start a family. 

#2: What is Emilie Livingston profession? 

To begin with, by profession, Emilie Livingston is a Rhythmic Gymnastic and representative of Canada in international games like Commonwealth, PAN American Games, and Olympics. In the past few years, Emilie has also begun building a high-end career in Hollywood. Not only this, but she is also a professional Canadian dancer. 

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With such enthusiasm towards showing off her talent on screens at the international level, it seems like Emilie intentionally picked the other side of the ground. Now that she has tied knots with Jeff Goldblum, her career has taken off. It is rather hard to say if she will ever appear on the screen as a mainstream actress again. 

#3: Emilie Livingston was a body double in multiple movies

When it comes to body doubles or duplicates, the audience is never aware that what they are expecting to see on screen isn’t there. That’s the power of the body double. Surprisingly enough! Emilie Goldblum, after marriage in 2014, received an offer in 2016 for playing body-double of Emma Stone in La La Land. However, there’s a 99% chance that the audience didn’t notice at all. 

Furthermore, in 2017, Emilie Livingston also appeared in the movie Valerian and The City of A Thousand Planets. In the movie as well, she played the role of Rihanna as a body double during a pole dance. 

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Hollywood, where thousands of movies have been made already, Emilie only had the potential to do two with her identity hidden. It is no surprise that she imagined a luxurious life with an amazing actor like Jeff. 

#4: Emilie Livingston measurements

While acquiring roles as the Body-double of Rihanna and Emma Stone, one can consider Emilie as a hot and sizzling actress. According to accurate measurement, Emilie Livingston’s height is five ft and 6 inches. Currently, she is 38 years old with naturally blonde and wavy hair. 

#5: Belongs to Kalev RSG Club

As mentioned before, Emilie Livingston is a gymnast. She holds a high-end career as a player of the Kalev RSG Club for the Commonwealth Games. According to the history of these games, in 1998, Emilie Livings and her club won 3rd rank, i.e.., bronze medal. Her particular team from the games also won 2nd rank in the same year. 

In 1999, she stood at 1st ranking and won a gold medal in the PAN American Games. The paired month, she also participated in the World Championships. However, it only stood at 26th position overall. Further in Olympics 2000, Emilie’s career as a Gymnast sought a downfall because her landing position was only 18th in the final. 

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At the juncture, she was only 17 years old and was representing Canada. During the qualification procedure, Emilie had shown high-end potential in Gymnast units like Rope, Hoop, Ball, and Ribbon. 

#6: Emilie met Jeffery in a Gym by coincidence

It is rather surprising how two people come across each other and fall in love. When it comes to Hollywood, two destined people meet through a mutual friend. However, in the case of Emilie Livings and husband Jeff Goldblum, it was the mutual Gym that brought them together. 

During an interview, Jeffery portrayed the beautiful moment when he saw Emilie in Equinox Gym that was on Sunset Boulevard. According to Jeff, the Gym was crowded. But, he managed to stand in front of Emilie and begin a conversation. Soon after, the couple started dating and fell in love. 

Today, they are happily married. It’s far-fetched and mysterious how destiny works for people meant to fall in love, even though they come from a whole different background and a whole different generation. 

#7: Emilie Livingston’s Husband Jeff has two ex-wives

How do handsome Hollywood Actors get all the good wives? That’s right! Jeffery Goldblum’s marriage with Emilie wasn’t the first time he saw a woman walking down the aisle for him. According to the personal history of Jeff Goldblum, he first married Patricia Gaul in 1980. According to our research, at the time, Patricia was 15-17 years older than Jeff when they met. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t work well, and the couple divorced in 1986. 

Emilie Livingston Husband
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Rumours are, the main reason for their separation was Geena Davis, with whom Jeff tied knots within 1987. It is rather shocking that it took only one year for Jeff to move on from his horrible past, as he describes. Seems like rumours were somewhere true. However, it didn’t matter because Geena Davis and Jeff filed for divorce in late 1989. In 1990, the couple separated ways for good. 

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After 10-12 years, Jeff found his one true love. It’s the 7th year since Emilie and Jeffrey are together with no potential of separation or divorce whatsoever!

#8: Emilie Livingston and Jeff has two beautiful kids

With everything going good with a couple, they are also blessed with two kids. Named River Joe Goldblum and Charlie Ocean Goldblum. Charlie is two years older than River Joe, who was born in 2017. Both are boys. Hence, you can expect two more amazing actors like Jeffery Goldblum himself. 

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During an interview in 2018, Jeff Goldblum expressed his feelings towards being a dad of two beautiful sons. However, Jeff also confessed that he wants to have a daughter as well. But, Emilie Livingston, on the other hand, doesn’t desire any more kids. Hence, if the mom of Charlie Goldblum chooses to change her mind anytime soon, the Goldblum family may welcome a beautiful daughter. 

#9: Jeff Goldblum was born and raised in a Jewish Home

Among the crowd when Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston found each other, they didn’t know about each other’s backgrounds, obviously. To begin with, Jeff Goldblum came from a Jewish family and was raised by Shirley and Harold L. Goldblum in West Homestead, Pennsylvania, USA. According to the history of the Goldblum family, Jeff’s brother died due to kidney failure while travelling to Morocco. After the disastrous death of their beloved brother, Jeffery aimed to become an actor one day. 

In comparison, Emily comes from a well-to-do family in Etobicoke in Ontario, Canada. She has a sister who also holds a high interest in dancing. 

#10: Emily Livingston Net Worth

As of 2021, Emilie Livingston’s estimated net worth is $500K. She is now a full-time wife with two healthy babies. Alongside, she also runs a youtube channel where she uploads training videos as a contortionist. Do you know? She is one of the top 10 Contortionists in the world. For now, Mrs Goldblum doesn’t have a steady source of income which we know of. 

Emilie Livingston is now Goldblum
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#11: Jeff Goldblum Net Worth

As of 2021, Jeff Goldblum estimated Net Worth is $40 Million. Currently, the couple lives in Los Angeles, California. Here’s a fun fact: do you know? Jeff’s father is actually from Russia. He indeed started working in Hollywood at the age of 17. 

To the reader’s surprise, Jeff’s movies Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic Park & Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 earned over 417 Million USD.

#12: Is Jeff Goldblum Dangerous? 

In 2020, Jeff Goldblum appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race show, where he started asking questions about how Islamic religion is against LGBTQ and women’s rights? Upon giving some controversial statements on national television, social media caught on fire. The extent of the controversial comment was so much that Jeff Goldblum was tagged as “dangerous” for the community. 

To this, Emilie Livingston kept her silence. The media called him “Islamophobic.” Later on, Jeff apologized. 


With such an exciting career in hand, Emilie Livingston has walked away with Jeff. However, if you want to check out how amazing Emilie was, you can view Olympics videos on youtube. For more information on controversial actors and actresses of Hollywood, Bookmark Us. 

We are glad to offer you nothing but genuine information only. Thank you!


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