“Empire” Season 6 Episode 4 full Recap – “Tell the Truth”

"Empire" Season 6 Episode 4 full Recap - “Tell the Truth”

Tuesday’s episode of the departing Fox drama concluded with a fast, forward sequence that appeared to show Cookie getting blown to smithereens via car bomb.

But appearances on Empire, which has a long history of playing bait and switch with viewers, can be deceiving. But even by Empire‘s shifty standards, it’s tough to imagine how anyone, even the seemingly indestructible Cookie Lyon, could survive such an explosion.

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 The setting and timing of this week’s Cookie-killing flash-forward, it occurred at the Lyon family estate roughly nine months in the future, suggests that her demise is directly linked to husband Lucious’ own previously teased death.

"Empire" Season 6 Episode 4 full Recap - “Tell the Truth”
“Empire” Season 6 Episode 4 Full Recap – “Tell the Truth”

As you’ll recall, Empire opened its final season last month which a flash-forward sequence showing the Lyon patriarch taking three bullets to the upper body by an unknown assailant.

Given Cookie’s jittery, guilty-as-hell energy as she exited her house and made her way to her TNT-rigged automobile, the show clearly wants us to think that Cookie murdered Lucious before running straight into the Grim Reaper’s clutches herself.

What a walk can turn into

After a two-episode absence precipitated by portrayer Bryshere Y. Gray’s reduced Season 6 workload, Hakeem returns just in time to attend the baptism of Andre and Teri’s son Walker.

And to give us a behind-the-scenes first look at the deeply troubled, woefully miscast Empire feature film.

Be there or be square

Tonight on Empire, the Lyons are at baby Walkers christening and gathered at the church, Lucious excused himself as he has some business to handle between Damon, they are in a parking lot with guns drawn at each other and come to compromise to leave each other’s families alone.

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Becky and Porsha attend a workout session and asks her instructor to play her artist Lala in his classes to break her out, and she vows to get Tiana on the track.



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