Enjoying The Outdoors Safely During Hunting Season

During Hunting Season

During hunting season, hunters can hunt certain animals in designated areas. While each state has its specific dates, hunting season usually starts in Fall. In this blog, you will about Enjoying The Outdoors Safely During Hunting Season.

Now, this season can sometimes prove dangerous for hunters and non-hunters alike. People do not take measures to ensure safety and get prone to becoming a victim of shooting accidents. It is one of the most common dangers of hunting season.

In this blog, we listed a few safety tips to help both hunters and non-hunters alike. 

1.    Be aware of the hunting areas.

Hunter or not, making sure you are aware of the hunting areas should be a priority. Most properties allow hunting and indicate it with a sign. If you do not want to hunt or hike, try avoiding these areas.

If you require accurate information, we advise calling the property owner beforehand to inquire. It may also be of interest to add; hunting is not allowed on Sundays in some states.  Plan your recreational activities accordingly. 

2.    Know when to make noise!

In hunting season, knowing when to make noise equals safety. While being too loud may scare away the animals, sometimes it is best to make a sound. While on the trails, talk to your partner or whistle as you go. In case you hear gunshots, that’s an indication that a hunter is hunting in the area. In such a situation, you may want to shout, “Hikers/Hunters on the trail!”

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When a hunter is aware of your presence in the vicinity, avoid making unnecessary noise as it may scare the wildlife away. 

3.    Dress accordingly

A huge mistake people make in hunting season is to wear dull colors. Not only does it make it hard to see you in the woods, but also, it puts you at risk. If you plan to go out this season, especially in hunting areas, be sure to wear visible colors.

Experts advise wearing a Blaze Orange-colored outfit. For this reason, blaze orange is also known as Safety Orange or Hunter Orange. The more you incorporate it into your attire, the better it is. That’s because Blaze Orange is the most visible color in the woods. Thus, it informs the hunters not to shoot. You should also ensure that you dress your dog accordingly. Therefore, keeping your furry friend safe from harm. 

When we mention appropriate clothing, it is also essential to emphasize the importance of using the proper ammunition for the occasion – for example, a long colt revolver and bulk .38 special ammo.

4.    Stay polite and keep your essentials in check.

When you go out at times like dawn or dusk, keep a flashlight with you. Upon hearing gunshots, turn on the light. It will make you extra visible.

If you intend to hike, keep a GPS with you for navigation purposes. Also, be sure to inform someone about where you are going and when you plan to return.

Be polite, even if you do not favor hunting. If you notice a hunter misbehaving or doing something illegal, contact the authorities instead of confronting them on your own.

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Lastly, keep your weather essentials in check. Of course, one must keep this in mind at any given time of the year, but it is essential to mention nevertheless!


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