Esports Betting: Which Game Should You Specialize In?

Esports Betting: Which Game Should You Specialize In?

Esports betting covers a vast array of markets. You can bet on everything, from extremely popular games like CS:GO and Dota 2 to Fortnite and LoL. You might not know which one to choose through the prism of potential income. But you need to make this choice. Specialization improves your chances of mastering specific markets and earning money. The following guide reveals different points to be considered when figuring out which games to bet on.

Which Game to Choose?

You should make your gaming preferences clear. After all, you have a better chance of making effective esports bets when focusing on particular markets.

  • Which games do you like playing in your free time?
  • Which games do you find interesting to watch through live streams?
  • Which games have good feedback from other players?

These are just several questions to ask yourself when looking for an esports gambling market. If you decide to play some games that you already know, then you will automatically have more insight into them. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to watch live streams and analyze the team/players. This knowledge can bring great dividends if you select the points missed by other bettors.

Choose Markets with Liquidity

The esports betting world covers more and more markets. At, you can see just some of them. While searching, you should focus on obscure markets that feature less liquidity. If a bookie sees that a particular esports market provides low liquidity, then it won’t provide as many prop bets or live wagering options. Although LoL and Fortnite aren’t absolute favorite games, they offer a high level of liquidity and more opportunities to detect favorable lines.

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Special Bonuses through Certain Markets

Most esports gambling sites come up with generous bonuses that would attract potential gamblers. Common esports betting bonuses include:

  • No deposit bonus – You proceed with registration and get a small bonus.
  • Deposit bonus – You deposit money and get a match percentage bonus.
  • Free bet – Your very first bet is free.

Any of these opportunities are perfect for the situations when you join a new bookie. They will give you a chance to earn free money from your betting. Please mind that some bonuses are restricted to particular markets.

Pick a Game with Many Leagues and Tournaments

Bookies provide more lines to address the growing market demand. By covering this theme, a game with more leagues and tournaments will also enhance the number of available bet types. For example, Dota 2 features many leagues around the globe. You can wager on everything from The International to European Pro League.

Learn Everything about Teams and Players

Every tournament comes with different teams and players involved. Through thorough research, you need to collect as much as possible information. This will help you make more accurate predictions with potentially high profits. You won’t be very successful at NFL gambling if you have no idea about Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

Games to Play in the Long Run

When you pick a game to focus on, you should think about a long-term perspective. Jumping from one game to another doesn’t promise anything good. You simply won’t have enough time to learn the game concept and teams participating in the game events.

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Betting on the trendiest esports might be fun now. If these games miss their popularity, then they don’t provide a lot of opportunities in the future. You won’t have as many chances to profit off your expertise when the hot markets lose their popularity.

Games Commonly Found on Streams

Esports games need to be monitored for the sake of accurate predictions. This is why you should find a platform that would stream the esports tournaments that you are interested in. Twitch, YouTube, and Discord are some of the most popular options. However, you may find a bookie with live streams.

Now That You Are Choosing a Game to Play…

Esports betting isn’t an easy adventure to profit from. Nevertheless, you make your life easier when specializing in a certain market. This is why the game choice needs to be taken seriously. Rely on your personal preferences, knowledge, and market research.


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