Essential Ebike Accessories You Need For Any Long Ride


Biking using your Velotric ebikes makes your journey comfortable and reliable. Ebikes allow you to travel long distances much faster than solely pedaling on your own, so sometimes that means extra long rides on difficult terrain. That’s why you should never throw comfort and safety on the back burner. 

There are some essential accessories that every ebike owner who travels long distances should invest in. Why? The right accessories make riding easier, boosting safety and convenience.. Here are some picked Velotric ebike accessories you might want to check out for long-distance trips.

Safety Essentials

Whether you’re traveling a mile down the road or 25 miles to the next town, staying safe is essential. Riding an ebike leaves you more exposed than being behind the wheel of an enclosed vehicle. For this reason, there are some key safety essentials you’ll want to invest in to ensure you stay safe for long-distance rides.

1. Properly Fitted Helmet

An absolute necessity for your safety is a properly fitted helmet. When it fits just right, your helmet will be level on your head and low on your forehead. This provides optimal protection in the event of a roadway collision or fall on dangerous terrain. While you may not want to think about it often, you don’t want your head to come into direct contact with the ground when you’re flying at 15 miles per hour or faster.

2. Reflectors and Lights

Did you know the most common reason for roadway collisions involving bikes is due to the driver’s inability to see bikers? You can do your part in helping to stay noticed by all others on the roadway by installing reflectors and lights on your ebike.

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LED rear lights are a great option that will adequately alert other drivers to your position. Consider adding spoke reflectors and pedal strips for night-time visibility. Don’t forget about a front headlight to help you navigate terrain during the late-night hours. Even if you don’t normally ride at night, it’s a good idea to be prepared if you get stuck behind or run late.

3. First Aid Kit

While you may be picturing those briefcase-style first aid boxes, that’s not exactly the safety essentials we’re talking about. Think smaller and easier tools to bring on the road. You can find a plethora of small, lightweight first aid kits that fit in a small bag, which you can attach to your ebike or carry when you travel. We recommend packing antiseptic, Band-Aids, gauze pads and adhesive tape, at the minimum, to prevent infections or blood loss. Ace bandages, Benadryl and a space blanket are other items to consider packing in your kit.

Other Road Trip Essentials

Apart from safety gear, there are some other key accessories you’ll want to have with you on any long ride. These will ensure you can continue to go on even if you run into a problem with your ebike:

1. Tire Plugs

We all know how irritating a flat tire can be. Just don’t opt to ride on a flat tire. You can bend the rim and create extra work for your legs — and your wallet when the rim needs to be replaced. Fortunately, tire plugs can save the day.

These expandable, sticky plugs can be used to temporarily patch a puncture in a bike tire. While tire plugs aren’t as good as having a spare tire to replace your punctured one, it’s a convenient option to throw in your bag for any long trip. They’ll be sure to help you at least get home to properly change your punctured tire.

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2. Mini Bike Pump

Whether your tire is looking flat or leaking slowly, you’ll need a way to reinflate the air that seeps out to keep your ebike ride optimal and efficient.. A mini-bike pump is a great tool for any long-distance driver. This valuable tool can help whenever your tires naturally become deflated due to stressful terrain or just constant use. On long rides, it’s important to check your tire pressure during breaks from the road. Properly inflated tires help riders avoid skids and decrease the likelihood of flat tires. Most mini air pumps are very small and can fit into any travel bag.

3. Multi-Tool

Ergonomic and easy to pack, bike multi-tools can help with a variety of problems that you may experience on a long ebike ride.l. This incredibly versatile yet compact tool has screwdrivers, Allen wrenches and other wrenches that can assist with various tasks. From tightening loose screws to helping remove a tire, a multi-tool can be your best friend in a time of need.

Whether you just got your first ebike or you ride like a pro, these are essential ebike accessories to keep you safe, comfortable and with peace of mind on long trips. It’s best to always be prepared for the worst and to keep your body comfortable and safe during your entire ebike journey.


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