EuroMillions – How to Play the Largest European Lottery?

Largest European Lottery

EuroMillions is among the top and exciting lottery games that you can play in Europe. If you are looking for great winnings and a great feeling when playing the lottery, this can be one of the best choices that you have. Let’s see how to play the largest European lottery.

Playing EuroMillions is not hard; it is a simple and engaging lottery that you will love to play. We’ll explore how to play the lottery and highlight other relevant information that might be useful for players who want to get started.

Can you play EuroMillions from any country?

Even before we look at how to play the lottery, you need to check eligibility. EuroMillions is a transnational lottery in Europe that operates in the following countries: France, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Spain, and Switzerland.

If you live in other countries in Europe, you have other options that are similarly great. For example, in Slovakia, EuroMillions is not available but has a perfect replacement that is called EuroMiliony. It is an exciting game that has the phrase euromiliony vysledky dnes toping the Google search engine every day.

Therefore, you might not be able to access EuroMillions in Slovakia or other Eastern European countries but have EuroMiliony, which is equally great.

How to play EuroMillions

The principle of the game is easy. You pick a total of seven numbers. Five numbers are called regular numbers and are drawn from a pool of 1-50. Two numbers are called Lucky Star numbers and are drawn from a pool of 1-12.

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If this lottery is offered in your country, you can follow these easy steps to start playing the lottery and stand a chance of winning the huge cash prizes on offer.

Choosing the mode of playing

The first thing that you must do is to choose your preferred mode of playing. You can either buy the tickets from a retail store or play online. Here are the various steps that you should follow:

When buying the tickets physically:

  • Visit an authorized seller of EuroMillions tickets
  • Choose your lucky numbers i.e. 5 regular numbers and 2 Lucky Star numbers

You can pick the numbers manually or ask the retailer to use the Quick Pick tool to randomly select numbers for you.

When playing online:

  • Register an account on the official website of EuroMillions
  • Choose your lucky numbers i.e. 5 regular numbers and 2 Lucky Star numbers. You can pick them manually or use the online Quick Pick tool to generate random numbers for you
  • Choose the draw in which you want to participate
  • Click play now.

You can track your tickets online on the official website.

How much can you win?

Most people play for the jackpot, which is always high. The minimum jackpot prize is €17 million, which is on a rollover basis if there is no winner announced. There are EuroMillions Megadraw taking place occasionally and guarantee players up to €100 million jackpot.

Therefore, it is a large European lottery both in coverage of playing countries and the amount of money players can win here.



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