Everything To Know About Glutamine Supplements In 2022

Glutamine Supplements

Have you heard of glutamine supplements, a handy amino acid? It is gaining immense popularity in supplements because of its benefits. It helps fight injuries and improve our immune system. Plus, it is easily available in most supplement stores!

Wish to know more before you head over to buy it? Then read on as we discuss what glutamine is, its benefits, dosage, and more. So let’s get started. 

What Is Glutamine? 

Glutamine is an essential amino acid for our body’s many functions. It’s also the building block for proteins in our body and helps intestinal health. It’s found in two forms – D-glutamine and L-glutamine. While neither is important for us, the latter is abundantly found in our blood and other bodily fluids. 

Our body can naturally produce L-glutamine, and we can also find it in several food items. Products like corn, white rice, tofu, skim milk, beef, and eggs contain this amino acid.

However, the amount of glutamine found in food items is negligible. And after a while, even our body has difficulty producing enough glutamine to keep up with our bodily functions. Then we need to start taking glutamine supplements to overcome any gaps. 

Now let us look into the benefits of taking glutamine supplements. 

Benefits Of Glutamine Supplements 

  • Improve Immune System To Fight Injury 

Lymphocytes, white blood cells that combat infection and sickness, use glutamine as their primary fuel source. And when we are injured, our white blood cell’s ability to fight the injury diminishes. That’s when glutamine supplements can help us. In addition, research has shown to speed up healing and prevent problems when we’re unwell.

  • Regulates Digestion

The immune system support provided by glutamine is intimately linked to its activity in our intestines. As a result, the amino acid supports excellent health. It protects against severe disorders like leaky gut syndrome by maintaining your intestinal lining and ensuring your body absorbs the nutrients it requires.

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Because our stomach is the most significant organ in our immune system, some experts believe glutamine can help us have stronger immunity. Some studies have also shown that glutamine supplements can help us improve gut infections like gut inflammation, celiac disease, and Crohn’s disease. 

  • Helps In Muscle Recovery 

Glutamine is required for the maintenance of muscle protein. It first gained popularity as a muscle-building and fat-burning fitness supplement. Scientists are still looking into these claims, and while there is no proof that it helps develop muscle, it may assist in reducing fatigue and improving exercise recovery.

According to studies, athletes supplemented with glutamine experienced decreased muscular soreness and strength loss. Although more research is needed, it may prevent muscle damage and improve workout performance.

  • Helps In Weight Loss

Yes, you read that right – glutamine for weight loss is one of the primary reasons people use this supplement. The amino acid helps us in muscle recovery, which in turn helps to improve our stamina. In addition, it means we can now enhance our ability to exercise longer. This way, the supplements allow us to keep working harder to help us lose weight.


If you consume glutamine through food items, the generally accepted range is 3-6 gms daily. It changes according to the quantity and type of food you consume. Again, if you consume glutamine supplements, the daily dosage will range from 5-45 gms for up to six weeks. 

However, we always suggest talking to your doctor or dietician before you start consuming glutamine supplements. While it doesn’t have many side effects, one needs to be accurate about their body requirements. Also, you need to ensure that your glutamine supplements do not clash with any other supplements you consume. What’s more, your doctor can also suggest some good glutamine supplement brands for you!


Side Effects 

Since our body already produces glutamine, it is not harmful to us in any way. At least, for the short-term period, glutamine supplements are considered safe. On the other hand, the long-term effects of the supplement can be a little different. With long-term high doses of glutamine supplements, there might be changes in bowel movement, rash, dizziness, faster heartbeat, and lower back pain.

Thus, talk to your doctor and get a suitable dosage and time for your supplement. This way, you can reap the supplement’s benefits while avoiding the side effects.


We can conclude that glutamine supplementation is helpful. It can help improve our digestive and immune systems and help us lose weight. So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest supplement store today and get hold of the best glutamine supplement! All the best. 



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