Everything you Need to Know About Boom Gate Barriers


Safety and security have become increasingly important in residential complexes and commercial spaces. As a result, companies are investing in boom gate barriers to secure building entrances and car parks. It helps ensure that before anyone gets in or out of the building, it is cleared. As a result, preventing malicious people from accessing these spaces and ensuring safety is easier. Here’s everything you need to know about boom gate barriers. 

What is a boom gate barrier?

It refers to a pole pivoted to move up and down to block access of pedestrians or vehicles. Mostly, they are used in private and public entrances, lift bridges, residential areas, and sometimes on construction sites. They come in different configurations; they include manual and automatic boom barriers. The most common types include folding, fence, and straight-arm barrier gates. They come with advanced features but are simple to operate. The prices of all these gates vary depending on the complexity and accessories that come with them.

How does it work?

As mentioned, boom gates are either manual or automatic. Manual gates are common in driveways, roads, and smaller paths for horse riding and cycling. On the other hand, automatic boom barriers are the first access control security solution for commercial and industrial spaces.

Automatic gates work by rising in a vertical direction, and the boom is tipped due to its counterweight mechanism. Some of these gates have an extra bar to help increase approach visibility and pivot halfway. In the manual gate, the mechanism is easy and simplifies the raising and lowering of the boom pole.

Automatic gates are the best if you want smooth operations and compact, reliable control mechanisms. They have integrated mechanical and hardware components in software that make automation convenient. All types of barriers come with various features.

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Boom barrier features

  • Have either circular or tubular booms
  • Customised security barriers’ arm’s length is 2 to 6 meters
  • Boom direction is either right, left, or unidirectional
  • You can customise the open and close time, but it’s normally between 0.6 to 5 seconds.
  • Made of aluminium alloy and steel pole for durability
  • Simple to operate to maintain the safety
  • Low maintenance because it’s waterproof and has anti-crush features.
  • Fence and folding boom barriers are flexible and have horizontal coverage.
  • Come with extra features such as an NFC card for operation and a battery pack in case of power failure.
  • Have accessories such as loop detectors, flashing safety lights, PE safety beams, and radio control.

Benefits of boom barrier gates

  • Enhances safety

Boom barriers are important for safety and security purposes in your business or residence. For example, a car auto parking gate is a great device to prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering a particular property.

  1. Great to help control traffic

Boom gates can be a great way to control traffic in and out of buildings. It’s vital for spaces with limited space but attracts a lot of vehicles. In addition, they help ensure safety and security and save time by using computerised signal generators.

  • Improves security at the entrance

Security is vital in any commercial and residential property. Installing a boom gate will make it easy to approve and deny the entrance of vehicles depending on the credentials. These gates will also make it easy to record the registration details of every vehicle entering and leaving. It will save you money to hire a security firm and you will also save time as everything is digital.

  • You can purchase from your phone
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Technology has made everything easy, and with smartphones, you can buy online from anywhere. You can go online and find a supplier that offers boom barriers with the features you want. Don’t be scared of the prices as they are affordable.

  • Save money on security costs.

Without a boom gate, you will need security guards to protect your property, which can cost you a lot. However, you will only have a one-off cost to install boom gates. Once you install the same, you will spend less on maintenance. It means you don’t need a security guard as the system is automatic.

  • Efficient use of space

Boom gates are the most economical in terms of space. A lot of space is required when you put a sliding or swinging gate. However, with boom gates, only a small vertical space is needed to allow it to swing up.

  • They are durable

Boom gates are made from aluminium alloys and steel poles. The materials make them durable, and you don’t have to worry about replacing them now and then. They can withstand any weather, reduce wear and tear, and are low maintenance. In addition, they have a few moving parts that make them safe and effective access control security solutions.


Protection in a commercial or residential space is vital. The traditional methods can cost you more and are not that reliable. However, you can instal automatic boom barriers for maximum safety and security. Using them will save you money as the only cost you will incur is buying and instaling.


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