Everything You Need To Know About Organizing Broom Closets In Your Home

Everything You Need To Know About Organizing Broom Closets In Your Home

A broom closet is your best bet for storing every cleaning supply in a closed cabinet. In comparison, it may seem easy, but organizing a broom closet can sometimes be challenging. First, you must ensure that you have found a perfect broom closet for your home that matches your entire storage requirement. Additionally, you must ensure that every single item is perfectly arranged, from broom and cleaning gloves to bags and other cleaning supplies. 

If you have a small bathroom or your house is just full of tiny closet spaces, then you know what it’s like to be unable to store anything in your closets. If this is the case for you, read on to see some clever methods for getting more storage out of your broom closet. This will prevent clutter from building up in the broom closet and make it less likely that items will slide around. Let’s start with these tips for organizing a broom closet:

  • Use Closet Hooks For Organizing Efficiently

Broom Closets can get messy and cluttered, so it is essential to keep them organized. You can use closet hooks to manage all hanging clothing in the closet. This way, you will quickly see what items are hanging in the closet and when they need to be cleaned. With hooks in place, you can easily hand things like 

  • Brooms and Mops
  • Cleaning Gloves
  • Ropes and Pipes
  • Towels and Cleaning Rags

Now, whenever you open your broom closet, you will find it too easy to locate all these cleaning essentials hanging by the hooks. You can add as many angles as you want based on the size of your closet and available space. It is easy to find themes, so using them is a brilliant solution to the problem of getting more out of your wardrobe. 

  • Add Extra Shelving For Extra Storage 

Organizing a broom closet is easy if shelving units are in the closet. One of the things that homeowners often overlook is organizing their broom closets by simply adding shelving units to them. Shelving units are strong and can be used to store items like brooms, mops, cleaning gloves, buckets and buckets, and other similar stuff. 

If you are facing the problem of having a broom closet without any shelving systems, you can always buy such products and mount them on the walls of your wardrobe. Using shelves will make it easy for you to locate all cleaning materials in your closet and will allow you to store almost all items that are used for daily house cleaning. Compare broom closets at The Homey Space to get the best one matching your specifications. 

  • Use A Rolling Caddy

If you are worried about the clutter in the closet, you can use a rolling caddy to store your brooms and cleaning supplies. After placing all items in the caddy, you can wheel it from one room to another as needed, making it much easier to sweep and clean your entire home. Also, you do not have to carry everything and save some effort while cleaning. 

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Using a caddy in this way may also help you save time as you won’t need to search for every cleaning supply individually or spend too much time finding brooms for sweeping. Once everything is organized, you will find that your room’s aura has changed. This simple method is perfect for small laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen closets where you don’t want to store cleaning supplies or other items.

  • Decide The Contents of Your Broom Closet

Before you start organizing your broom closet, it is essential to decide what belongs inside it and what should be kept outside of the cabinet. You don’t want to overfill your broom closet as that will only cause clutter. The best way to organize a broom closet is to decide which tools or cleaning supplies should be kept in the broom closet and which should not. If you have space, then make sure to add the following items to your broom closet:

  • Garbage bags
  • Reusable grocery bags
  • Plastic grocery bags
  • Light bulbs
  • Stepstool
  • Spray bottles
  • Lint roller
  • Small emergency kit

Items like brooms, mops, cleaning gloves, and other similar items can be kept in the closet, while trash cans or other large items must not be stored here. Once you have decided what things must remain inside your broom closet, you can start organizing it properly and efficiently. 

  • Floral Containers For Better Look

Broom Closets can quickly get messy because they have so many items. Therefore, it is essential to store all items properly to avoid clutter from building up. You can use floral containers if you want a more creative way to store items in the closet. Get some containers that are deep and have lids on them. 

With these, you can easily store small items like brooms, mops, and other similar stuff. You can place these containers on the back of your closet door or your shelves, making it easy for you to access everything in one go. 

Floral containers are sturdy enough to be placed inside a broom closet and will help prevent clutter from building up over time. Place smaller floral containers inside bigger ones to appeal to your broom closet. Floral containers are available in limited designs and shape online and offline, so finding one is very easy.

  • Get A Broom Closet Offering Maximum Storage Capacity

If you are worried about the limited space in your broom closet, you can buy a broom closet that offers maximum storage capacity. This will ensure that all cleaning materials are within easy reach, saving you time and making the cleaning experience much more pleasant. In addition, you can choose a broom closet that offers maximum storage services, which means that there is additional space available in your closet to store other items. 

These types of closets are also known as over-the-door closets, as central vacuums would hang on one side. You can easily add some hooks for hanging brooms and mops. If your broom closet does not have extra space, you can buy a hanging storage closet or a slide-out closet that offers plenty of storage space. But, first, you need to buy a wardrobe that will help you store all your items properly and efficiently.

  • Buy Broom Closet Organizers
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Buy some organizers if you are confused about where to begin organizing your broom closet. These organizers are of a high standard and help you efficiently organize a broom closet. You can buy special closet organizers or try some DIY projects to work it out. Different items can help you better manage your broom closets, including:

  • File box fixed on the closet wall for storing paper bags
  • A hanging pocket organizer for storing small cleaning items
  • Plastic container for storing random items
  • Trash can place at the bottom of the closet for plastic bags

The best part is finding these organizers available at cheap rates online, along with detailed DIY tutorials that anyone can follow. One of the best things about these organizers is that they hold up well over time and will surely come in handy when organizing a broom closet. So, buy some of these organizers and make managing the closet accessible without too much work.

  • Create A Storage Compartment in Your Closet

Using a broom closet is the best way to organize your cleaning materials, but if you are facing the problem of limited space, there are some other things you can do instead of buying an entire new broom closet. For example, you can create a storage compartment in your broom closet to store items you do not use regularly.

For example, if you don’t use your vacuum cleaner daily, it is best to store it in your closet rather than keep it outside. Likewise, if there is any equipment or appliance you don’t need daily, they must be stored somewhere to save space. A storage compartment can be made using a hanging pocket organizer, an adjustable shelf, and some hooks. 

Additionally, you can use magnetic strips to hold brooms, mops, and other similar items in place. It will help ensure that brooms and other essential things do not slide off the closet walls. If you are worried about the broom handles getting bent over time, you can find long magnetic strips to fix them. With these above-shared tips, you can easily organize a broom closet without any trouble at all.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your broom closet neat and organized is an excellent way to keep your home clean and clutter-free, which is essential for healthy living. In addition, it reduces the risk of injuries when you are cleaning, as you know where all the cleaning supplies are. It also helps you save time and money because it makes cleaning easier and faster. A broom closet also provides everyone with a convenient way to store his or her items.


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