Everything You Need to Know Before You Start Construction on a Commercial Building


If you’re planning a building project for your business, either for new construction or for remodeling, there are steps you must take before the construction begins. These pre-construction steps are vital, as crucial as the actual construction process. Although each state and municipality may have specific guidelines that are pertinent to that geographical region, there are pre-construction requirements that apply to most commercial buildings. If you’re new to such projects, it may be helpful to review some of these guidelines.

Obtain a Zoning Permit

Before undergoing commercial construction, a planning phase can help you make sure the building or remodel will meet your needs. Before choosing a building site, be sure the zoning of the site will allow a business to be placed there and to obtain a zoning permit. The zoning board will ask you to show details of your building plans. In addition to zoning permits, you must also get permission and a building permit from the local planning board.

Seek a Building Permit

You should know that many remodeling projects also require a zoning and building permit. With all the costs of construction to consider, even for a remodel, you’ll want to consider whether your remodel is seriously necessary. One frequent remodel choice is a roof renovation. It may interest you that, according to Bob Vila, a roof inspection by a qualified contractor is recommended for roofs over ten years old.

Choose a Contractor

It can be helpful to choose a building contractor before selecting your design features. Be sure any potential contractor has a current license, and ask them if they provide a warranty – on labor and materials. According to Home Guide, most companies will give you a warranty for three to ten years. Ask contractors for pictures of past commercial construction projects so that you can judge their work.

Ask the Contractor for Input

An experienced contractor can not only help you draft your design, but the contractor can also let you know whether your design conception is practical and safe. The contractor can point out ideal locations for plumbing fixtures and HVAC appliances. Another advantage of having a contractor’s viewpoint at this early stage will be the possibility that the contractor can make construction suggestions that could save you money.

Prepare for Construction

During pre-construction, your contractor will double-check your plans to be sure you have all your needed permits. Your project specifications will be compared to your budget to see if anything must be eliminated. During that phase, you’ll have to contend with vendor bids for your materials. After you choose your materials, you may need to select some subcontractors for individual aspects of the building.

Procure Your Materials

Once you get to the procurement phase, it may seem like “setting the table” for your construction phase. One essential element to consider is waste elimination on-site. Although it may be hard to admit, according to ScienceDirect, almost 1/3 of all building materials ¬†delivered to your site can be discarded as construction waste. Seriously, consider renting a waste container and having it on-site during the construction phase.

Choose Sustainable Materials

When considering materials to use, select sustainable materials or transportation methods. If recycled or reclaimed materials are available, they can be a good choice. One popular choice is solar panels, which utilize the sun’s power to provide energy. Solar panels will also result in eventual savings on your energy bill.

Your commercial business project will require considerable effort during the building phase. However, as you can see, your project will also need some essential preparatory steps. Without these careful and well-thought-out steps, you may not be able to proceed with your project. Here’s hoping all your work will come together, and your dream project will soon become a reality.


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