Exclusive: Call of Duty Mobile Zombies To be out Soon: Release Date confirmed!


COD Mobile has a Zombies mode in the works, but we haven’t heard much about its release date.

Call of Duty Mobile has gotten off to a strong start, even if some fans are mourning the loss of early controller support.

And it comes with plenty of content to explore, with a range of classic multiplayer modes available to fans. But one thing fans have noticed is that COD Mobile has another special mode that has yet to be launched.

Exclusive: Call of Duty Mobile Zombies To be out Soon: Release Date confirmed!
Exclusive: Call of Duty Mobile Zombies To be out Soon: Release Date confirmed!

That would be Call of Duty Mobile Zombies, which remains an option on the menu screen. So how long could fans be waiting for the new undead experience and what might it be like?

Activision and Tencent yet to provide a solid release date for Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode. The good news is that it’s completely possible that the mode could launch very soon in-game.

While information remains thin on the ground, we do know that it’s been in development for a long time.

When the Express went to play COD Mobile during E3 2019, there was plenty of news shared on the multiplayer and Battle Royale modes. But unfortunately, Zombies remained offline and wasn’t playable at that time in July.

The good news is that it was still there on the menu screen and appeared to be working towards release. Activision’s VP of Mobile, Chris Plummer, was not able to comment much on Zombies but he did reveal that plenty of updates are being planned for it.

We will be rolling out new improvements to the game all the time, and what we initially go global with will not be the end, it will be the beginning.

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The interesting thing about Zombies Mode for COD Mobile is that will boast a linear mission-based structure, rather than the traditional waves. This will be available to play in co-op mode and there is no current list of maps confirmed for it.

The degree in which they connect with other Call of Duty titles is something that we are still in the process of figuring out.

A Zombies Survival Mode sounds like a cool way of bringing players back to the game via an event format, but there is no guarantee at this point if that is what is being worked on.


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